Game Boy Virtual Console coming to 3DS when it launches next Feb

Infendo reader WII-LUIGI$ writes:

Looks like our dreams for a Virtual Console on DS is FINALLY coming true! Virtual Console now comes to the Nintendo 3DS when the 3DS is released 2/26/2011 in Japan. It only tells that Game Boy & GBA games will be available for download, but as we all know, time may or will tell soon if a decision change is added to the service. Currently from the Nintendo Conference, Iwata or whoever was doing the keynote besides him went on to say that the US would be getting the 3DS in March 2011. The price currently set is a whopping  Â¥25,000.  25,000 yen, $300 US Dollars here for us which I think is just currently a speculation price point until we hear more from Reggie and the crew from NOA. In the meantime, it’s not much, but here’s a pic. showing classic game shots from two very old Game Boy games that are near and dear to all gamers’ hearts.

Sweet news.