I think I have a problem, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be buying Rayman Origins for a 3rd time.

So I have already played and beating Rayman Origins three times, on two different consoles. I simply love the game and think the experience is far and away the best platforming game of this console generation (sorry New Super Mario Bros. Wii). Ubisoft simply has done something amazing with the UbiArt Framework, and the game benefits tremendously from it. Now that the 3DS release date has been formally announced, looks like Ubisoft will be earning another $40 from me this February.

Ubisoft has finally come out and given the 3DS version of Rayman origins a release date, and looks like all the limbless lovers among us will finally be able the enjoy the experience in 3D come February 20. Unfortunately, the game has been terribly overlooked, as sales for the game haven’t been quite as hot as the game deserves. If you haven’t played this game, you really should consider picking up the 3DS version, given you own a 3DS of course. My mouth is salivating thinking about how beautiful the game is going to look in 3D, given that the Wii and HD console versions of the game already looked quite impressive. Go support good games like Rayman Origins. It is more than deserving of your $39.99.

Who plans on picking up the 3DS version a month from now?

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