Video: Rayman Legends PS3 and Wii U comparison

YouTube poster NiNTENDOMiNATI0N has posted a video comparing the visuals to the PS3 and Wii U versions of Rayman Legends, which is due for multiplatform release in North America on September 3rd. The differences appear to be slim according the video, but the jury is still out of whether the once Wii U-exclusive GamePad features will make the transition to the PS3 or Xbox 360. Rayman Legends was first announced as a Wii U exclusive back in April 2012 but was delayed from its intended February ship date earlier this year to be ported to other consoles.

Despite not being a Wii U exclusive anymore, will you be picking up Rayman Legends when it releases in September? Tell us why in the comments below.

Special hanks to NiNTENDOMiNATi0N for the video.

3 Responses to Video: Rayman Legends PS3 and Wii U comparison

  1. Loren says:

    A good game is a good game. This game always tend to put a smile on my face. Plus the tight controls and level design is good enough for me. So yes I will be picking this one up for the Wii U.

  2. Kaherka says:

    Why do these comparison videos always have to make one side darker than the other? It makes it a lot harder to compare.

  3. MikeIsaPoet says:

    This was a horrible comparison video…

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