Developers should follow Nintendo’s lead with 3DS titles


Developers should follow Nintendo’s lead with 3DS titles and not put “3D” in the name of your game. It’s a little trendy and doesn’t get me any more excited for your game, but nearly 40% of the launch titles felt the need to include it in their name. It’s sort of like all the “…Revolution” games that came out when the Wii was released. I have to give some companies credit, as they were clever with DS titles, for example Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow or Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword.

My point is, the 3DS already implies 3D and putting it in the title is a little redundant.


  1. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is a clever title for 3DS like the other two DS games were. There are threeeeeee deeeeeeeeeeeesssssss!

  2. Nintendo is using “3d” in the titles for both “Ocarina of Time 3D” and “Starfox 64 3D.”
    Just thought I’d point that out 😛

  3. I’m OK with it. It makes it unmistakably clear that the game, in fact, is for the 3DS.

    Also, remember how many games for the Super Nintendo came out with “Super” in the title? Or how many games for the N64 had the all-creative “64” suffix? The trend seemed to skip the GameCube entirely but there is still a handful of Wii games with “Wii” in the title. Mario Kart Wii, Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wii Fit, Wii Sports Resort. I didn’t notice a glut of “Revolution” suffixed Wii games, though.

  4. i think you are overestimating the collective ignorance of the general buying public. i could easily see some grandma getting very confused when birthday shopping for their 8 year old grandson. “is this 3d?”

    “yes maam all games on 3ds are 3d”
    “what about this one?”
    “yes maam ALL games on 3ds are 3d!”

    i guarantee that wil lhappen at gamestops all over the country

  5. Yeah, I liked the 64 suffix, and this is very similar. And this will probably only be something that comes up on series iterations or ports, where it makes sense.

    I was a big fan of how a few Game Boy games used “Land” as a shared suffix. They should try to do something like that again.

  6. It’s OK. Just like the 64 days

  7. @ NekoKnight – Hadn’t thought of that. Let’s see if they keep it in the title by the time they’re released.
    @Chelsea – Actually, there were a number of 3rd party games that stuck with “Revolution”, but “Wii’ and “We” were even worse, yes.

    You guys have some good points and are making rethink my stance. I guess I’m just hoping that 3D isn’t the only selling point for this system since I think it has more tricks up its sleeves, value-wise.

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