Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden For 3DS, Yes Please!

I can remember when I first played Ninja Gaiden.  It was shortly after the US launch in 1989, and I received it as a gift.  I had actually never heard of it, so I was not sure what to expect.  As I powered on my NES, I can still see the stains on the top from using it as a coaster, the title screen blew me away.  If it was any indication of the game itself, I knew it would be an instant favorite. ...

Developers should follow Nintendo’s lead with 3DS titles

Developers should follow Nintendo’s lead with 3DS titles and not put “3D” in the name of your game. It’s a little trendy and doesn’t get me any more excited for your game, but nearly 40% of the launch titles felt the need to include it in their name. It’s sort of like all the “…Revolution” games that came out when the Wii was released. I have t...

Ninja Gaiden diorama adds +5 awesomeness to your desk

Check out this awesome papercraft diorama of Ninja Gaiden.  Print it out, cut it out, and make your friends and co-workers jealous! [Thanks, Professor Mortis!]