Charging forward–After 3D Land, what kind of plumber platformer would you like to see?

Just three days to go before the Mushroom Kingdom takes over your 3DS! After that, we still have Paper Mario, Mario Tennis, and a new Super Smash Brothers to look forward to. And then…

Where would you like to see Nintendo take Mario for his next platform adventure?

Personally, I’d like to see the next Mario game debut on iOS– Kidding! Just kidding! Actually, I’d love to see the humor of the Paper Mario/Mario and Luigi titles brought over to the more traditional Mario games. If I had my way, the next Mario game would combine a funny, twist-filled plot with the roller coaster thrills of a 2.5 D platformer. I know 3D Land contains a lot of 2.5 D elements, but I’m talking about a whole game’s worth of pure, on-rails run-to-the-right gameplay full of crazy camera swoops and twisting, turning paths–the kind that few games have handled really well (Pandemonium, Klonoa and Kirby 64 come to mind). Imagine how crazy a fast, twisty, trip through Bowser’s castle could be.

And…I’d make it a two-parter (though each would be a full, stand-alone game) with part one on 3DS and part two on Wii U. And the two games would communicate with each other and unlock bonus material.

How about you? If you were green-lighting the next Mario platformer, what kind of game would it be?