Could We See Turok: Dinosaur Hunter On the Wii U Virtual Console?

Could We See Turok: Dinosaur Hunter On the Wii U Virtual Console?

Back in the Day I would casually pick up a copy of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter at my local comic book hangout.  It was never a favorite of mine, but it was a decent read.  When the game was released for the N64 I didn’t rush out to buy it.  In fact, It wasn’t until a couple years later that I actually played it.  Once I pressed start I was hooked!  I have never been a  fan of FPS games, but Turok seemed to hit a sweet spot.

In a recent interview with a former Acclaim/Iguna Entertainment employee, Ryan Tracy stated that he would love to see Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, Turok 3: Shadows of Oblivion, and Turok: Rage Wars find its place on the Wii U Virtual Console.

IP issues aside, I would love to see this happen.  Who knows, if the virtual console downloads are strong enough maybe we could see a new game for the Wii U.  Of course, nobody said that this would happen.  Instead, it is more of a “wish” for Ryan Tracy.

I would love to see the fusion of Turok and the Wii U become a reality, although a recent report has shown that there might be an issue for people using the game pad exclusively, instead of their TV screen could see a bit of “latency” while playing.

This latency was claimed by ShackNews after testing the Game Pad with Mass Effect 3.

“I actually preferred playing exclusively on the GamePad, as it was less confusing than the TV hybrid play. However, I felt as though there was a tiny bit of latency. My response time felt slightly slower than when playing on the TV — makes sense, given the Wii U GamePad is receiving a wireless video feed.”

We still have some time before the masses grab hold of the game pad, so there is plenty of room to tweak and diminish the latency.  It is possible that the latency could be blamed exclusively on Mass Effect 3.  Either way, I am sure it will be resolved before launch, and who knows…maybe I will be hunting T-Rexes with Turocks bow on the game pad while my wife watches the History channel on the TV.

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