Comment of the week: Wii satisfaction

Lord Toker, on if Wii hit a homerun or if Microsoft and Sony vulnerabilities make Nintendo look better than it really is.

“Just because Sony and Microsoft are having problems doesn’t mean the Wii wouldn’t have been a success. I’d say Nintendo hit a triple in the opening inning and never stopped scoring. It’s a fun machine that uses a new perspective to give most gamers a new and welcome experience. Sure, it’s technically graphically inferior, but it delivers fun, fun, fun… when you don’t buy shovelware.

“Just like last generation, there was plenty of crap to be found on the dominant system [PlayStation 2], but I don’t base judgment on crap I don’t buy. Nintendo had the right strategy all along by keeping things simple and sweet. I do love my Xbox 360, just not the same. It’s kinda like the grandparents you don’t visit as much.”