Mark Cerny Hopes Sony Can Match Nintendo’s Legacy


Whether you are a PlayStation or Xbox fanboy, you cannot deny that Nintendo’s longevity deserves not only respect, but also praise.  Through the years, we have seen the likes of Sega, TurboGrafix, and Atari disappear form the console business.  Only Neo Geo has somehow stayed around as long as Nintendo, although they have hid in the shadows mostly.

Mark Cerny, Lead Architect for Sony and the PS4, recently spoke at Gamelab in Spain, where he vocalized his admiration for Nintendo’s Journey since it began creating video game art.  He also stated that he hopes Sony’s core group of personnel will remain together as ling as Nintendo’s and impact the world of gaming just as much in the future.

“I have a great friend who lives in Kyoto in the eastern part of Japan. He runs a developer there and he’s worked with both Sony Computer Entertainment and Nintendo over the years, and he says that what he respects the most about Nintendo is the incredible continuity they have in the form of a core group of individuals that has now worked together for over 30 years.”

I admire that Mark Cerny had the nerves to speak about one of its strongest competitors in such a positive manor.  In this age of gaming, it seems that everyone wants to make excuses as to why they are better, even if it is unjustified.  But Cerny too an alternate approach and showed his admiration for Nintendo, I find that very honorable.  I do love a little bit of the casual console war, here and there to get fans pumped about a product, but there is something about the friendly competition that gets me just as pumped.

Let’s not forget that Sony and Nintendo were once considered partners in the gaming industry.  It wasn’t until Sony took Nintendo’s CD technology and refined it with the PSOne that they became competitors.

Do you think that Mark Cerny’s positive comments will impact Sony and/or Nintendo sales, even just a little (I would consider his words an endorsement of the Nintendo product)?  Sony and Nintendo’s core gamers could be considered a completely different audience from one another.  Hypothetically, how would you feel about a “partnership” between the two, focused at battling Xbox One’s launch (there is no right or wrong answer here, just opening discussion)?  Do you have more respect for Sony, after Cerny’s comment?

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