Clubhouse Games Needs a Remake

Clubhouse Games Needs a Remake

Who remembers Clubhouse Games, the Nintendo DS classic? We have very fond memories of this game, both playing single-player, and online multiplayer. This is by far, one of the best games on the Nintendo DS, and here’s why:

Clubhouse Games, 42 games in one!

One Cartridge, 42 Games Available To Play

If there’s one thing that Clubhouse games does right, it is the amount of content available. With 42 games, there was bound to be something on the cartridge that satisfies your hunger.

One of the big selling points of Clubhouse Games was the great variety in the games available. You can see a full list of games below:

Card games: Blackjack, Contract Bridge, Five Card Draw, Hearts, I Doubt It, Last Card, Last Card Plus, Memory, Nap, Old Maid, Pig, President, Rummy, Sevens, Seven Bridge, Spades, Spit, and Texas hold ’em

Board games: Backgammon, Chess, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Connect Five, Dots and Boxes, Field Tactics, Grid Attack, Hasami Shogi, Ludo, and Turncoat.

Variety games: Dominoes,Koi-Koi, Soda Shake, and Word Balloon.

Action games: Balance, Billiards, Bowling, Darts, and Takeover.

Single player games: Escape, Mahjong solitaire, and Solitaire.

From card games to board games, Clubhouse Games delivers.

Nintendo WFC

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection was mindblowing at the time. The ability to play games with other people across the country on a handheld console was relatively novel at the time of the North American launch in 2006. Of course these days, everyone can visit the  best online casino usa right from the comfort of their homes.

Every multiplayer game could be play online with the exception of Old Maid, Spit, I Doubt It, and Pig. It wasn’t always easy to find someone via the in game matchmaking, but if you swapped friend-codes with friends, the fun was almost endless.

Download Play

Download Play is a feature is often overlooked, but is a great addition to any multiplayer game. Not many games support this feature on 3DS sadly, but back in the DS days, this was common practice.

Clubhouse Games allowed you to play supported multiplayer game-types across DS consoles with only one game cartridge! Road-trips and bus rides would never be the same, and Clubhouse Games even supported an in-game PictoChat-like feature!

Nintendo Switch Online Deserves Clubhouse Games

…or a Clubhouse Games-alike. On today’s eShop there is nothing that quite matches what Clubhouse Games brings to the table. Whoever is the first publisher to nail a great online card/board/variety game collection will win the eShop, and our hearts.