Aliens: Infestations has a release date, looks like you will be shooting aliens by Halloween

Aliens: Infestation, the side-scrolling metroid-vania style action game from WayForward has gained quite a following since being outed by the Australian ratings board this May, and judging by the released gameplay trailers, it won’t disappoint. Now that the fall is finally approaching, Sega has revealed that October 11th will be Infestation day.

The reveal was announced this weekend at PAX 2011 during the Gearbox panel. While the game isn’t directly connected to the Wii U title Aliens: Colonial Marines, it will have a few easter eggs that tie the two together.

WayForward Technologies is known for their ability to craft well made retro style games, and has a track record of such titles as Contra 4, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, and A Boy and His Blob. If there is any studio with the talent to bring the best out of the Aliens franchise it is WayForward. Here’s hoping that they knock this one out of the park!

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