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Aliens Infestation keeps getting better

I still haven’t been able to pick this up, so I’m planning on making it a holiday purchase. Aliens: Infestation is one of the few games that makes player death mean something. There are a finite amount of marines in

This Aliens: Infestation gameplay trailer brings on the alien massacre

When it comes to new DS games, there is none I want to play more than Wayforward’s excellent looking Aliens: Infestaion. October 11th can’t seem to come soon enough. Don’t worry DSi XL, I will have a new game for

By popular demand, an exciting trailer for Aliens: Infestation

This new trailer for Aliens: Infestation brings the hotness and looks to do the exciting new title justice. Wayforward has seen much success with their previous 2D platformers on Nintendo handhelds, and it looks as if Aliens: Infestation is geared

Aliens: Infestations has a release date, looks like you will be shooting aliens by Halloween

Aliens: Infestation, the side-scrolling metroid-vania style action game from WayForward has gained quite a following since being outed by the Australian ratings board this May, and judging by the released gameplay trailers, it won’t disappoint. Now that the fall is

The DS lives! Aliens: Infestation is a new game for Nintendo’s last generation portable

  Although Nintendo has a new portable with fancy stereoscopic 3D, there are still developers who want a chunk of the 147 million DS pie. This September, WayForward Technologies will release a new game based on the Aliens franchise for