Club Nintendo shop gets a lot cuter

This might be my favorite item to appear in the Club Nintendo reward shop to date. Cripes, this is dangerously adorable.

Two sets of patches (the other features Kirby and Prince Fluff) join some nifty-looking washcloth things (Nintendo calls them towels, but…c’mon, they’re not even ten inches square!) for your shopping enjoyment.

Is it just me, or has the shop gotten a lot more interesting in the past few months?


  1. Yeah, I ordered the Kirby patches pictured above! First time I’ve actually used any of my precious coins!

  2. Oh hey, the messenger bags are back in stock, too.

  3. Ive been holding my coins in the hope that one day they will have the SNES controller for the Wii that Japan got a while back. I still think it could happen. Don’t crush my dreams.

  4. Mario Poster Set, Mario Fan, Mario Head Pin, then the blue Face-cloth. I have no points anymore. I was very glad to see interesting stuff, hope it continues.

  5. Looked down and saw the black wii-mote holder on my table. I can say it looks better in person, so shiny.

  6. I just joined Club Nintendo today! Before I knew about this, I used to just absentmindedly throw out any leaflets that came with the games I bought. Now, I deeply regret doing that… 8 Wii games and a dozen DS games, all without PIN codes… That’s upwards of 500 coins right there. Mamma mia!

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