Brutal Legends Rumors its Way onto the Wii

When 1UP asked Tim Schafer if Brutal Legends would be released on the Wii, he was quoted as saying “We are making an Xbox 360 and a PS3 version of Brutal Legend”. Which is interesting because he never once said that the game was not being made for the Wii.

However, according to Variety’s gaming blog The Cut Scene, which is quoted below, they say EA is planning to release Brutal Legends on the Wii but don’t know who is going to developing it.

I don’t know when “Brutal Legend” for Wii will be released, but I’d be surprised if it’s this fall along with PS3 and 360, given that I understand development started fairly recently…

…Strategically, this is a no-brainer. EA has said its turnaround plan involves fewer, bigger franchises and a focus on the no. 1 console in the market: Wii. If “Brutal Legend” is one of those franchises, it makes total sense EA wants to get it on Nintendo’s platform. Especially since the game’s main character carries a big-ass axe that it could be fun to swing with the Wii-mote.

Although there is no solid evidence saying that Brutal Legends is headed for the Wii, it is still a very interesting rumor nonetheless. Is anyone looking forward to Brutal Legends and would you play it on the Wii if it was released?

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