Mario Kart Wii 12-player online, wheelies set to arrive in April

Mario Kart Wii release date

We’ve touched upon the new and improved Wii-ified version of Mario Kart here at Infendo in the past, and today I’m going to start touching things again. All while doing wheelies and various Mountain Dew fueled extreme to the max X-Games tricks.

First, some things have changed in Mario Kart Wii. Now it’s 12-player online, which is four less than what we knew a few months ago. Still, 12 is more than enough for a free system, even if it does mean we’ll be entering a gabazillion numbers to play against 12 friends.

Second, there’s a nice little rumor going around today that this title drops in Japan sometime in the rainy month of April. But wait, there’s more: The game will also feature personalized Mii racers.  GET?

Nintendo Wii Fanboy:

Mario Kart Wii will also have GameCube controller support, multiplayer for up to twelve people online, online leagues, global rankings, time attack sharing/rankings, ghost uploads/downloads, and 32 different courses — 16 of which are new, the remaining 16 being classic tracks. We’re sure we spotted Delfino Square in at least one of the screens! You can have a look at the scanned pages yourself after the post break. The first one of you to identify the figure drifting past Luigi on the top left of the first page wins a cookie.*

I suppose since that leaves a month between Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii people will start to cart out the “Nintendo Drought” argument sometime in late March, right?