Is Project HAMMER back from the dead?

t000515bm.jpgInfendo reader Kevin informs us this morning that Project HAMMER, which was reportedly killed off by Nintendo last year to the chagrin of many, could be coming back from the dead.

Granted, all we have is a GameStop placeholder listing the game as back on with a January 2, 2009 release date for $49.99, but why on earth would it suddenly re-appear in the first place?

Mistake by GameStop or did the community backlash against Nintendo, such as it was, make them think twice about axing this decidedly un-Nintendo styled title? Or maybe Malstrom had a point in his latest article: Nintendo has set up the tier one pins over the past year and a half, and now they’re ready to start pushing some varsity games on the tens of millions they’ve hooked with the Wii. Hey, it worked perfectly for the DS, is all I’m saying.

[Thanks, Kevin!]

Updated with a screen grab of the GameStop listing, just in case: