Be safe and win Donkey Kong’s Spore toys

We love Donkey Kong, but not as much as he loves Spore.

When he’s not kidnapping our secretaries and throwing barrels at David, he spends most of his time playing Spore during his visits to the Infendo offices. But coupled with the banana peels and fleas he usually leaves behind, those visits have become a real nuisance.

So while he’s off swinging in the jungle, we’re taking action. We’re giving away Donkey Kong’s favorite toys’a brand new copy of Spore Hero Arena for the Nintendo DS and a super-sweet Spore Hero t-shirt packaged in a state-of-the-art Spore fun box’in hopes to lessen the frequency with which Nintendo’s gorilla rampages our cubicles.

Keep in mind, entrants’if he gets mad, we’ll be cowardly directing his rage toward the address of the winner. Safety is an issue, so we’ll give the game to the person who proves capable of dealing with DK.

Maybe you’ve set up DK-specific traps in your home, or perhaps you’ve stocked up on hammers or mushrooms’whatever you do to safeguard you and yours from a DK attack, email photographic proof to Infendo along with your name and mailing address. Our panel of ape-busting writers will assess your efforts and choose a winner.

Send your picture, name and address to by Monday, Oct. 26 to enter. Best of luck from Pauline Infendo!

The winning photograph will be posted on Infendo. Reviews of Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena are coming soon from Sean and Zac.