Spore Hero: Almost Something Special, but not

Once upon a time, there was a nice colorful peaceful planet filled with nice, colorful, peaceful creatures who liked to sing, dance, and fight for sport – until one day, twin meteors fell from the sky, crashing on the planet surface.  One meteor brought an evil presence set on corrupting the planet – the other brought a small, charming, heroic creature whom would always live in the sh...

Review: Spore Hero Arena is a Dismal, Poor Add-On to the Series

A while back, Maxis announced their latest and greatest new franchise: Spore. The promise was to experience evolution in a whole new gameplay experience. Sadly, the majority of consumers found this to be a disappointing experience. Spore Hero Arena, the latest attempt at the game on the Nintendo DS, is dismal.

Be safe and win Donkey Kong’s Spore toys

We love Donkey Kong, but not as much as he loves Spore. When he’s not kidnapping our secretaries and throwing barrels at David, he spends most of his time playing Spore during his visits to the Infendo offices. But coupled with the banana peels and fleas he usually leaves behind, those visits have become a real nuisance. So while he’s off swinging in the jungle, we’re taking acti...

E3: Hands on with Spore Hero

EA’s evolution RTS adventure made big waves when it was first announced several years ago, and has built a reputation around it’s customizable characters and unique worlds.  I met up with Aaron Karause at E3, marketing Manager for Spore Hero on Wii – he told me that the Wii title offered a very different experience, but retained iconic feel that made Spore a hit.

New Game Get – Nintendo releases for the week ending September 13th

Autumn releases are picking up and this is just the tip of the September Nintendo iceberg.  Feast yer eyes on this list: Wii NHL 2K9 Active Life: Outdoor Challenge Cabela’s Legendary Adventures Hell’s Kitchen The Price is Right DS Spore Creatures Lock’s Quest Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise Bratz Ponyz 2 Hell’s Kitchen Mazes of Fate DS The Pric...