Another DS classic hits iPhone while 3DS eShop gets a great original. Everybody wins!


The last time a critically-acclaimed DS game (Scribblenauts) jumped to iPhone, it was a kick in the gut for Nintendo fans, because the 3DS library wasn’t exactly stellar at the time.

This time around, things are rosier. Not only is 3DS picking up steam with terrific cartridge games, but the fledgling eShop has been delivering gem after gem in recent weeks. Today, the well-reviewed and great-looking Sakura Samurai arrives for 3DS download, and that takes most of the sting out of the North American iPhone debut of Capcom’s Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

It’s nice to have a week where the two devices both get a great and stylish major game, with each title taking advantage of its host platform’s strengths. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy; I can almost picture my 3DS and iPhone doing the jitterbug together in celebration of awesome developers! And the prices are comparable, too ($6.99 for Sakura Samurai on eShop, $9.99 for the full Ghost Trick in the App Store after the free trial). Right now it seems like eShop and the App Store really can co-exist in peace and harmony! I’m gonna play an old Fifth Dimension LP to celebrate.

By the way, Ghost Trick looks amazing on iOS. We’ll have a review of the equally great-looking Sakura Samurai up soon!