Sakura Samurai

Sakura Samurai review: All the fun of a great action RPG without any of the dawdling around

Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword is a brilliant game. In this polished and challenging adventure, there is not one bit of wasted space or a moment of B.S. time-killing. Every encounter, decision and action serves the central swordfighting gameplay–and that’s a very good thing, because the fighting system is fun beyond belief. Easy to learn, tricky to master and full of fast, on-the-fly...

Another DS classic hits iPhone while 3DS eShop gets a great original. Everybody wins!

The last time a critically-acclaimed DS game (Scribblenauts) jumped to iPhone, it was a kick in the gut for Nintendo fans, because the 3DS library wasn’t exactly stellar at the time. This time around, things are rosier. Not only is 3DS picking up steam with terrific cartridge games, but the fledgling eShop has been delivering gem after gem in recent weeks. Today, the well-reviewed and great-...

Nintendo’s Sakura Samurai hits eShop this week. Looking good!

eShop just keeps getting better! I buy my share of titles from Apple’s place, but I find Nintendo’s shop currently ruling as far as delivering quality games that look great, hold my interest for longer than a bus ride, and actually–get this–control really well! On February 2, a very promising-looking action adventure arrives for your downloading consideration.