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Pokemon Go isn’t going anywhere

This past weekend weekend (July 6th to be exact), marked the 2 year anniversary of Pokémon GO, and the question always asked when discussing IVs and evolution tables out in public is 'Are there even still people playing that game?'

Another DS classic hits iPhone while 3DS eShop gets a great original. Everybody wins!

The last time a critically-acclaimed DS game (Scribblenauts) jumped to iPhone, it was a kick in the gut for Nintendo fans, because the 3DS library wasn’t exactly stellar at the time. This time around, things are rosier. Not only is 3DS picking up steam with terrific cartridge games, but the fledgling eShop has been delivering gem after gem in recent weeks. Today, the well-reviewed and great-...

Let’s get real: Nintendo will never, ever put games on the iPhone/iPad

I appreciate Business Insider’s spunk, and would actually welcome Nintendo games on my iPhone and soon-to-be purchased iPad, but let’s be honest and completely un-fun for a second: With the exception of that Philips CD-i Zelda disaster that we’ll never speak of again, Nintendo will never, ever put their games on another company’s hardware.