3D Mario Chalk Art for Your Friday Viewing Pleasure

T.G.I.F!, this has been a long, hot week!  With Temps reaching the 100’s here in Northern Indiana, and a packed week at work, I am definitely ready for a relaxing weekend!

While browsing various Nintendo sites, I came upon this pretty cool video created by MikeSlangsLies on Youtube.  Mike shows us a time lapse of himself creating a 3D Mario chalk art.  It is pretty awesome to view the step-by-step process and the end result is amazing!







What are your gaming plans for the weekend?  I am planning on starting Final Fantasy IV, but possibly work on Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (not a fan of the tactics series).  Would you advise me to skip tactics, or suck it up and play it anyway?  I have never been a fan of Tactic’s game play, so I really don’t immerse myself into the game like i do others.  Give me your thoughts, I might even take them into consideration when I make my choice.

Also, be on the look out for the newest episode of Infendo Radio!  It was a great show, I hope your body is ready!

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