3D Mario Chalk Art for Your Friday Viewing Pleasure


T.G.I.F!, this has been a long, hot week!  With Temps reaching the 100’s here in Northern Indiana, and a packed week at work, I am definitely ready for a relaxing weekend!

While browsing various Nintendo sites, I came upon this pretty cool video created by MikeSlangsLies on Youtube.  Mike shows us a time lapse of himself creating a 3D Mario chalk art.  It is pretty awesome to view the step-by-step process and the end result is amazing!






What are your gaming plans for the weekend?  I am planning on starting Final Fantasy IV, but possibly work on Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (not a fan of the tactics series).  Would you advise me to skip tactics, or suck it up and play it anyway?  I have never been a fan of Tactic’s game play, so I really don’t immerse myself into the game like i do others.  Give me your thoughts, I might even take them into consideration when I make my choice.

Also, be on the look out for the newest episode of Infendo Radio!  It was a great show, I hope your body is ready!

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  1. If I was you I would just play FFIV and not even deal w/ Tactics. I’m not a fan of it either. Have tried to play it many times thinking that might be the day I begin liking it but that never happens and FFIV is my favorite in the series.

  2. I agree, I jsut cannot get into tactics, and I feel like I am forcing myself to play it. I am currently attempting to play each numbered Final Fantasy in order. I just finished Final Fantasy III, so I think I will take your suggestion and fire up my PSP! (I would play my copy for the Super Famicom, but I don’t read or speak Japanese 🙁

  3. Being on the road for the next 6 weeks means I’ll be playing the heck out of OoT 3D, Chrono Trigger DS and Tales of the Abyss.

  4. Excellent! Really great work and great subject matter as well!

  5. Man, he forgot the “Nintendo” that goes above the buttons. I am disappoint.