Yeah, this is probably going to break a few TVs

ninfb1_thumbDeep in the Nintendo labs, where only a handful of the company’s most senior executives are allowed to travel, things happen. Crazy things, man. Like that inflatable bouncy ball horse thing we showed you a few weeks ago—but weirder.

Take this latest patent, for instance. Seems that some zany Nintendo developer was playing catch with a Nerf football one day and thought to him/herself, “hey, I wonder what would happen if I mated this thing with a Wiimote?”

Some soft jazz, a bottle of Saki and a bit of mild coaxing later, and this Wii football controller was born. And yes, it’s completely real. My conspiracy theory is that Nintendo releases all these crazy patents to hide their real R&D products. Competing executives are simply laughing too hard to notice anything but the crazy ones (to be completely serious though, some of the motions described in the patent filing are cool, I just don’t see the need for more plastic accessories).