Xenoblade Chronicles X will have “bigger world to explore” than in Xenoblade Chronicles

Ever since its announcement, Xenoblade Chronicles X (which was known only as “X” until E3 2014) has been my most looked forward to Wii U game, by far. That’s saying a lot, as Super Smash Bros. for Wii U was always high on the list too. Don’t take this as anything but my personal opinion! Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii was just so massive, with such a solid storyline and great voice acting through its 100+ hours, that I can’t help but look forward to X with almost painful anticipation. Nothing made me yearn for it more than the gameplay demo at E3 this year, but Satoru Iwata’s comments today came close; the game, which is targeted for a 2015 release, will have a larger world to explore than in Wii’s Xenoblade Chronicles, and in HD no less (it stands to reason, but I’m happy to hear it anyway).

In X, Earth’s people are forced to abandon their home planet when an intergalactic war threatens their existence. They crash land on an uncharted planet and set out to explore and research their new surroundings. The main character, created by the player, is obviously heavily involved in these efforts. In addition to exploring the planet, you’ll be able to explore “home base,” New Los Angeles. From there, who knows how the storyline will play out?! We do know that quests will be integral to gameplay, though. Some quests will progress the story, while others may simply involve doing favors for other survivors.

RPG fans would do well to keep their radar fixed on this game. What are your thoughts?

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