World of Goo has 90 percent piracy rate

Only one in ten people playing World of Goo has actually paid for it.

Or so says 2D Boy’s Ron Carmel, a member of the two-man team responsible for the hit puzzler.

“Last we checked, the piracy rate was about 90 percent,” said Carmel in a Rock, Paper, Shotgun posting.

Joystiq contacted Carmel yesterday to confirm the piracy estimate, and he said the figure is “about right.”

“We’re doing okay, though. We’re getting good sales through WiiWare, Steam and our Web site. Not going bankrupt just yet.”

In good faith, 2D Boy released the PC and Mac versions of World of Goo without digital rights management, controversial software that aims to prevent piracy. The so-abbreviated DRM has been the focus of debate since the release of EA’s DRM-laden Spore in September.

World of Goo costs $15 on Wii through the Wii Shop Channel. It is available for PC and Mac users for $20 on 2D Boy’s official site.