Europe avenged, World of Goo to WiiWare

European gamers, often unfairly overlooked by the games industry, have gotten want they wanted.

And all they had to do was ask.

World of Goo developer 2D Boy has announced the game will release in Europe via WiiWare for “most likely” the same $15 American price.

“Ever since we realized releasing World of Goo as a retail game in Europe is unfair to those on the other side of the Atlantic, we’ve been in discussions about how to make things right,” said 2D Boy’s Ron Carmel in a statement on the two-man team’s official site.

The physics-based puzzler was planned for a retail release in Europe, prompting vocal opposition from European gamers dismayed they’d be forced to pay a higher price for the game as a retail package. 2D Boy hopes to release the game in Europe “sometime in December.”

World of Goo released to WiiWare in October to universally positive acclaim. With an aggregate review score of 9.5, it is the second-best rated Wii game on Metacritic, trailing only Super Mario Galaxy.