WiiWare – Cave Story almost ready for Release

Tiffany a programmer on the Cave Story port recently did an update on the official Nicalis blog. She posted about how busy it has been for her working on the project and how awesome it is to be working with Pixel and Tyrone on the project. However, the most interesting part of her post was this…

If you’ve read Tyrone’s post, you probably have figured out that the game is almost completely ported and getting close to done. There are still a few things left to do. One of the more obvious bugs from the initial port was a notable sound bug”“you know “bleeding ears” and all”“which I am currently working on. We promise to get it right! There were also several graphics bugs which have since been fixed. I am also working to get all of the Wii specifications in place, but that’s all secret stuff.

So according to this update, not only is the game nearing completion. There is also some very specific Wii only additions to the game, besides the already known graphical update and remix track selection. As a fan of the Cave Story series I can’t wait to get my hands on this. This might even be the next “World of Goo” and I suggest everyone check it out when it is released. Anyone excited for this game at all?

[Via Nicalis Blog]

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