Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4


Yesterday’s Xbox one reveal (Click here to see my report on the reveal) was pretty fantastic, compared to the PS4’s lackluster announcement.  We were able to see actual game play for Call of Duty Ghosts, quite a few additional features, and an actual console (although it sort of reminds me of an updated CDI in appearance).  But how do the three compare to each other from a tech standpoint?

As you can see from the chart above, there are some similarities as well as some obvious differences.  So what will be the deciding factor in the success, or failure of the console.  It seems that this generation is all about what the console can do besides gaming.  Nintendo started the trend with incorporating TV and entertainment into the console.  Xbox One seems to have followed the lead, and Sony is still secretive about the additional features.  Nintendo is doing a fantastic job at allowing backwards compatibility, Xbox One will not even allow you to play a pre-owned game without charging a nominal fee (yet to be released), and Sony is still fairly silent on the matter.

I will leave this one open to you, the readers.  What are your thoughts on the Xbox reveal, and where does Nintendo stand at this point in your opinion?  My opinion is stated in the link above (in the first sentence).  Remember, at this time there is no right or wrong answer, and we will not know for certain until there are solid sales to compare.

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  1. You’re literally the only person I’ve seen who says the new Xbox One reveal was fantastic! Most people are saying it was a disaster.

    And that name… it’s even worse than Wii U! It’s going to be pretty confusing to most folks… to casual xbox 360 owners it just screams “don’t buy me, you already have a better xbox”.

    I’m definitely going to get either an xbox one or a ps4… but I haven’t decided which. I love my Wii U though!

    Personally, I was really hoping the new xbox would have backwards compatibility with xbox 360, since I’ve never owned a 360. So… I guess as of right now, I’m more likely to buy a 360 than the new Xbox One.

  2. If by “nominal fee” you mean “small fee”… there is no evidence that the fee for installing used games will be small. In fact, I’ve read in numerous places that the “nominal” fee is full retail price.

  3. Kaherka, so far the fee has not been revealed at all. I was actually being a bit sarcastic with the word “nominal”, although that does not always come through in an article 😛

    As for the reveal, I did like it. Was it the best reveal ever? No. However, compared to Sony’s lengthy hype fest that showed us almost nothing, I was pretty happy with it. We got to see actual gameplay, although not for a game that I am interested in, an actual console, and some of the additional features. I do wish that the gaming aspect received more focus…I mean, that is what I will buy it for…

    Eventually, I will own both. Which one will be number 51 and which will be number 52 in my console collection? I am not sure yet.

  4. I just wish the Wii U matched the other consoles in power… then I wouldn’t feel like I needed either one of them.

  5. For me, power doesn’t mean much at all. I could care less if I can see the minute details of a thumbprint through a sniper scope, or if Cloud Strife is a polygonized representation of a human. For me, it is all about story and gaemplay.

  6. Well, the Wii U won’t be getting many 3rd party games because it’s specs are too different from the other two systems.

  7. Don’t care for x-box nor ps4 honestly. I have always bought nintendo consoles I haven’t gotten a console besides a nintendo ever since the snes days. I can see if in the future if I didn’t purchase a x-box console or ps4 I wouldn’t be missing much. I don’t care for fps shooters at all, and I really don’t care about online ever. I don’t like to play with some strangers I have never met before nor do I want to be enraged by them to. I have issues with my anger and I don’t need anything bugging me when it comes to it. So in actuality I’m good if anything x-box one has gave me more hope for nintendo they really screwed up if they wanted to get me in on it. I don’t have internet all the time nor money to spend yearly on some crappy online membership. I don’t care for downloadable content and if nintendo gets like this then screw it. If I wanted actual realistic graphics I would go with a pc and skip all the unnecessary garbage that everyone is spewing out. I have a computer for most of the mention tv apps x box one has and I really don’t plan on dancing around like a monkey throwing his feces on a wall just to get kinect to work, at least with the wii I could cheat with the controller. When I first got the wii I only had about 3 feet between me and my tv imagine how kinect would’ve done in a situation like that. I’m just an old fashion person I prefer a console to play games on nothing more nothing less none of the online player crap which is usually required to complete the game 100 percent and I don’t need a tivo on steroids (especially with a windows 8 menu like system). I haven’t seen ps4 show yet so I have no opinion on that yet. Another note is I have no cellphone nor apple tablet, I do have is a simple android cheapy thing. If you think I’m being biased because I am a nintendo fanboy then I will give the wii u critization then. It has failed from day one with games so far, but I have a feeling it will pickup eventually hopefully, and they are starting to get annoying with the lets try to makes games for everyone bit it is making there (once triple a) games weaker to me. They also are starting to push towards the internet era but I honestly think it is annoying more then fun especially with the idea of new super mario bros. u. Once you turn on the idiotic thing for the internet message it is ridiculous every time you beat a level do you want to post it online. Since this year is the year of luigi I’m expecting a luigi game more then mario game, but hey the may surprise me and throw out a good mario game. When it comes to pikmin let’s just say it isn’t my cup of tea there is something about it I don’t really like actually the first one scarred me for life and that is why I don’t want to play another. Sorry about my bad english and long rant, but I really needed to get that out and yes I’m prepared for the nay sayers it is called I don’t have to reply and honestly everyone has the right to there opinion so go ahead get whatever you want out.

  8. Not the type that admires detail eh Scott??.. But It all comes down to the games they said 15 EXCLUSIVE IPS in 12 months 7 which are new franchises, so Im really interested to see what those are.. the exclusive right to have first dibbs on DLC for COD and probably other games wont matter since i get DLCs months after i beat the game during the dry game season april-aug.. Big families i think will love this console, just for the simple fact it allows multiple things to be done at once to bring the family together.If they partner to get on board to get more square or the same square enix games and konami games, then for me itll be all about who has the better IPS.. Microsoft studios, or Sony entertainment

  9. It’s true: you’re the first/only person I’ve seen write something positive about the Xbox reveal.

  10. Nintendo has lost this round already. They either need someone new to guide them on consoles, or throw in the towel and partner with Sony, like they were going to do years ago.

  11. @Lou
    Really? Really? How the heck have the already lost this round? Thee other two haven’t released the price for the consoles yet, but Nintendo has already lost because One can instantly skype? Even if they did lose the round, that really only matters to fanboys, its about profitability. The PS3 lost last round, so why should Nintendo who “won” last round partner with the “loser” of last round?

  12. Ok we get it the WiiU is under powered..again but we all know it’s the gameplay that counts which Nintendo is best at. Besides does the Xbox One look like a Minimalistic VCR and I mostly buy two console per cycle as of recent and I already got a WiiU so it’s going to be PS4 or Xbox One and right now I’m going towards PS4 Microsoft again blew it a the press event even though E3 is getting close which I’m fine with but still come on at least Sony’s reveal well not the console itself but at least they showed games and not the stupid TV.

  13. @Lou

    Again, I bring attention to the Atari Jaguar. A much more “powerful” console than it’s competition with the SNES and Genesis. It failed. Remember? Just because we know Sony and Microsoft have more “powerful” consoles, does not instantly mean Nintendo lost. Besides, Wii was massively underpowered and won last gen sales-wise.

  14. Just give me my darn Metroid and Wii U will automatically be better than Xbox 1 and PS4.

  15. I have always had the latest Nintendo console and I have always been happy with them because I love the games. I had all iterations of the Sony consoles and an X-box and i liked them as well, but it all really boils down to the games. I am a fan of first party Nintendo games and have always had a Nintendo system so I can play the latest games. The games make the system not the processor.

  16. Phillip, I’m laughing at how you knock Essel for details, but fail to get the new IPs right. It’s eight, not seven.

    Look, here’s my honest opinion based on what we know.

    I don’t give two FLYING turd nuggets wrapped in a hot dog bun about the One. All I care about is how the competition is going to inspire Nintendo and Sony to do better, and to see how badly they’re getting attacked for silly things like BC and used games.

    Look, my situation is this.

    I’m the Nintendo/nostalgia guy in my circle. I own every console from the PS2 and back, minus the SNES, Sega Saturn, and the Xbox. I play my Wii U daily, and keep all my other consoles almost completely hooked up. That’s cool with me.

    My best friend is the Sony player. He doesn’t want a PS4 right now because not only can’t he afford it, he doesn’t see anything that makes him need it over his PS3 at the moment. That’s perfectly fine.

    I’ve got another close friend that rolls with Microsoft. Thinks Halo is the ish. He’s been quiet about the One, but I’m sure he’s not too impressed. He was never down with the Kinect, so I’m sure he’s not too hyped about it being integral. He also loses internet regularly. That’s fine with me. I don’t need to play any of those consoles. Hell, I barely need my Wii U right now aside from MH3U and the virtual console.

    There’s nothing that the stats can throw out in terms of power and hardware that clearly states, clear as crystal (you get NOTHING! You LOSE, good day sir!) that any one of these consoles hits the ground running, or that it will fail worse than a kid hyped up on Xanny bars that sleeps every day during physics class. It’s all about the games, and how well each one does at telling us we NEED it.

    That said, if I could get my hands on a PS4 or even that One controller, oh man do they look smooth.

  17. WOW! Having scoured the internet for days, I finally found someone who liked the Xbone reveal, and it’s on a Nintendo website! I’m shocked.

    OK, if you really want to talk hardware specs, my 2 YEAR OLD PC has 10 gigs of ram. So in terms of power, and my PC isn’t even close to top of the line anymore, the systems stink. There is a reason I’m going Wii U/PC/3DS for this generation.

    Used games will cost somewhere between $30-$70 to install. MS wants your money. They are going to charge you extra for the number of people in the room to watch a movie.

    Even if Wii U is 3rd in sales this generation, 3DS still strongly owns the handheld market. So Nintendo is fine. People need to stop worrying so much about the Wii U. It will sell once the 1st party games comes out.

    And Xbone is doomed if they have no used market. Gamestop won’t support them. And sadly many gamers go to Gamestop to buy stuff. By trading things in. So yeah, MS ended that relationship.

  18. Phillip, that is correct, the detail is not as important to me. If I am playing Call of Duty II, it does not matter to me whether the sweat can be seen gathering on the brow, or if the enemy is a jumble of polygons like Cloud Was in FF VII. It is all about the story and gameplay. Without a great story and smooth gameplay, the game is less than desirable for me.

    As for the new IPs, I welcome them with open arms. However, as stated above, if they do not have a great story or smooth gameplay, I might not even look at them twice. We cannot use the new IPs in our decision until we actually see them. That’s like going to buy a Vette, only to find out it is a Chevette, not a Corvette.

    XCWarrior, I feel I was pretty critical of the Xbox reveal (click on the link in the first sentence to see). However, compared to the PS4 reveal, it was much better.

    Thank you, everyone for the great comments so far! Keep them coming.

  19. I’m definitely not excited for the One. I have the last two Xboxs, and both haven’t excited me in the same way that Nintendo and Sony consoles do. So this time I’m not going to bother with the One. Pretty sure between my Wii U, my 3DS, my iPhone and a PS4, all my gaming needs will be covered.

  20. …are you being sarcastic? Because the presser yesterday wasn’t fantastic in anyway. I Hope you are…

  21. As to Nintendo losing this round….

    The Wii U is currently being outsold by the Wii. No, power doesn’t mean everything – but right now the system has no power, no games, and a never-ending string of software updates.

    If you’re content with whatever Nintendo puts out, fine. But I’m not, and the Wii U still makes zero sense to me.

  22. Considering that the Wii U has a 3 million lead over the XBO and the PS4, I’d say the fight is far from over.

    By the time both new consoles release, Nintendo will have Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Mario Kart, Wind Waker HD and probably Super Mario Galaxy 3 (I don’t think Smash Bros will release this year) and it will be entering its second holiday season with more and better games to offer and it will still be priced below both new consoles (my guess is XBO and PS4 release at $449.99 and the PS4 MIGHT have a higher SKU at $549).

  23. I like the new xbox controller, but the console itself is huge and ugly. The reveal was pretty much a disaster according to all the sites I visit. I was totally unimpressed. I don’t care about fantasy football integration and that was the only thing that anyone cheered about during the whole conference.

  24. I may be the only other person besides you, Essel, who thought the Xbox conference went fine, lol. Having said that, I think most people are left confused by the u turn of the media that reported what the subject of the conference would be. Gamers should have been prepared, the company made it clear pre show that E3 would be about the games.

    I find it laughable and strange that the media would lead in the criticism of Microsoft discussing (with finesse) what the company said it was going to discuss. Gamers looking to see games could’ve skipped the conference and waited for E3 or watched just to see the console and waited for E3. That’s what I did.

    And thanks for criticising Sony’s conference, it seemed no one else had the balls to do so. I agree that it had a rushed feel to it. I didn’t see one article about the obvious holes in Sony’s conference that left many questions strangely unanswered. I’ve noticed a lack of faith in the big N and a huge lack in the big M, but a decent amount of faith in Sony. And I think that’s because historically they are a company whose reputation has surpassed and outlasted the once high level of the company’s performance quality. People need to have more faith all of the big three and not just pretend that there is only one gaming company in the industry or one company that matters. Love your articles by the way.

  25. I agree with those who said that its not about the hardware near as much as the software. I also agree that the Xbox One reveal was pretty cool. I grew up with Nintendo and am going to sell my Xbox 360 and am going to buy a Wii U. I feel that most of the games out for Xbox and playstation are empty and constantly focus and having to kill a bunch of people or aliens or they try to scare the crap out of you. It might be my age but I’m going back to the company that has never once failed at bringing out games that are just plain fun. I guess for some people like myself get tired of constantly having to fight through waves of people trying to take your head off or eat you. Back to Nintendo I go

  26. Sony did right with not telling there plans about the ps4 regarding used games. They would have to be insane to do the same thing Microsoft is doing, when it comes to the always on, always listening system. We want games, not a Netflix/sports player. I have tivo for that :/ That is a huge reason why I love my wiiu, and love gaming on the pc. I will get the ps4 at launch but xbox one will have to wait till it gets a few good games over the course of a year or two.

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