Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4


Yesterday’s Xbox one reveal (Click here to see my report on the reveal) was pretty fantastic, compared to the PS4’s lackluster announcement.  We were able to see actual game play for Call of Duty Ghosts, quite a few additional features, and an actual console (although it sort of reminds me of an updated CDI in appearance).  But how do the three compare to each other from a tech standpoint?

As you can see from the chart above, there are some similarities as well as some obvious differences.  So what will be the deciding factor in the success, or failure of the console.  It seems that this generation is all about what the console can do besides gaming.  Nintendo started the trend with incorporating TV and entertainment into the console.  Xbox One seems to have followed the lead, and Sony is still secretive about the additional features.  Nintendo is doing a fantastic job at allowing backwards compatibility, Xbox One will not even allow you to play a pre-owned game without charging a nominal fee (yet to be released), and Sony is still fairly silent on the matter.

I will leave this one open to you, the readers.  What are your thoughts on the Xbox reveal, and where does Nintendo stand at this point in your opinion?  My opinion is stated in the link above (in the first sentence).  Remember, at this time there is no right or wrong answer, and we will not know for certain until there are solid sales to compare.

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