Wii shortage no hype ploy, Nintendo says

250_wii-shortage.jpgThe Wii Fit rush has apparently reinvigorated Wii shortages, but Nintendo has continued to stick to the company line that the shortages are not an intentional ploy to boost demand. Frankly, I never believed that a company as big, or as under the microscope as Nintendo, would be able or capable of pulling off such a sneaky feat. It took until today however to find the quote to sum that all up.

Over at GameRush Entertainment, Nintendo’s Dervin Camden said:

“The fact is that we have put far more product on store shelves worldwide than our competitors. The difference is that in a very short time we have far outpaced their total sales,” Camden said. According to Camden, it’s easy for some consumers to arrive at the conclusion that the Wii shortage is intentional when “competitors’ systems fill the shelves” and Nintendo’s console remains scarce.

Nintendo sold twice as many Xbox 360s and PS3s last month, combined. And there were still Xbox 360s and PS3s on the shelves, in decent numbers, after the month was over. The entire industry is doing well, actually. But to say that Nintendo is short selling supply, when in fact it has moved as many consoles as its two competitors put together, well, that’s just borderline delusional. Case closed.