Smash Bros Stage Builder More or Less Confirmed

Smash Bros Stage Builder More or Less Confirmed

We hope you enjoyed building your own levels in Brawl, because the stage builder appears to be back in Super Smash Bros Ultimate via a new leak going around online. Is this the work of the Phantom Theives!?

Stage Builder, along with Home Run Contest, were two missing features from Ultimate that have been rumoured to be coming in version 3.0.

Today, those rumours were practically validated in a new Nintendo Switch trailer, seen here:

Did you catch it? It happens right around the 00:01 mark. Here’s a still image, in case you didn’t see it in the video.

The fact that this is being reported all around the internet and Nintendo hasn’t pulled the trailer is another strong case for Stage Builder’s inclusion in the next update.

In fact, we’d go as far as to say that this was probably a deliberate attempt by Nintendo to “leak” their own update. The fact that this leak is in any way accidental seems incredibly unlikely. Nobody caught this between filming and editing? Seems a little Farfetch’d to us.

While there hasn’t been any news about version 3.0 yet, it’s supposed to be coming sometime this month, along with Joker from Persona 5. Now, Smash Ultimate players will have something else to look forward to, as that fateful day draws ever closer.

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