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What’s the best Wii lightsaber game to date?


I honestly don’t know. Admittedly, I’ve even been a little jaded by lightsaber games, since I think tactile feedback is necessary and playing with sticks might be a better alternative.

That said, a friend asked me, so I thought I’d open it up to the always handsome and intelligent Infendo readers. So… what’s the best Wii lightsaber game to date? Secondly, what’s the best Wii lightsaber game for kids (i.e. rated E for everyone)?

Let’s here it, people.


  1. For god’s sake, why hasn’t someone made a wii motion plus lightsaber game WIN WIN!!!!

  2. Does No More Heroes: D.S. count? I liked the near one to one tracking in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, but haven’t played any other Star Wars Wii games.

    Looking at sales of Tiger Woods 2011 I think it would make sense to have Tiger Woods 2012 be a Star Wars spin off game. Tiger in the role of a veteran star cruiser commander with a malfunctioning robot side kick and a mysterious illness that must be kept in check by dubious means. That could be a kids game.

  3. Wii Sports Resort

  4. Red steel 2

  5. Or dragon quest swords

  6. Yeah, it’s not lightsabers, but Wii Sports Resort’s sword-fighting is top notch.

  7. Wii Sports Resort. Everyone’s thinking of light sabers when they play it.

  8. Lego Star Wars DUH!

  9. Wii Sports Resort, but Force Unleashed is a lot of fun.

  10. For teens: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Red Steel 2. For kids: Wii Sports Resort, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Trilogy (Teens might enjoy those too, I dunno. I sorta do.) and, um…Lego Star Wars III?