What if… Mega Man Universe was this?

This fan made game based on the Mega Man universe has surfaced on the net. It’s a pretty interesting example of what we believe Mega Man Universe might be so I thought I’d share it with the rest of you.

Also, Ryu would be the the hardest boss in Mega Man history if this was real.

5 Responses to What if… Mega Man Universe was this?

  1. Konato says:

    That looks epic. I want that. XD

  2. PARASITES says:

    I want to play this game, forget about Mega Man Universe.

  3. XCWarrior says:

    I dunno, that looked kind of bland and easy for a Mega Man game, and I’ve played my fair share. My bet will be its 3D considering its not on Wii, remember?

  4. T.Rollan says:

    If Daigo was in control of Ryu-Man, maybe.

  5. SonicZH says:

    its harder than it look. most people who played that complaint about the difficulty. I try to make the stage length ok but difficult in some sense =). The wave shooting guys is very hard to beat weith normal bullet, the shield is only off for about 5 frames, cannot remember but its very hard to catch…

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