What have you done so far this summer?


I hate to break it to you—especially you students. But summer is almost over. A few weeks more and it’s, as my friend Billy used to say, “Back to school, back to school.”

That said, what fun things have you done so far this summer? And what do you plan to do with the remaining few weeks?

With exception to trips to quick trips to Capitol Reef and Star Valley, I’ve been on staycation for most of the summer, exploring attractions in my own backyard. Seven Peaks Waterpark. Deer Creek. Local trails. In the coming week’s, I hope to go boating, sunbathe at the lake, and maybe jaunt on over to Crater Lake (if I’m lucky).

What about you?


  1. Assignments, and failing to keep up with them due to personal probs. 🙁

    Other than that: Messin’ around with my 3DS… watching Netflix on it when I’m too sick to get up.

  2. Sunbathe. I made Johnny take a bath but he certainly didn’t want to bathe.

    Sorry for being pedantic.

    My last project for the summer is to start my gardens. Time to plant some late season perennials so that they are ready for the spring. Finish off my patio project from the spring (heat dome my ass, that was a furnace dome) and finish my raised vegetable beds so they’re ready to go next year.

    In retrospect, we haven’t really done anything except work on the house. The projects are almost done so maybe next year we’ll get out and about on vacation.

  3. Met a new rich family, spent time with them. Went tubing for the first time. Went to Cedarpoint. Went to Walt Disney World. Went to Universal Studios. Went to Island of Adventures. Went to Hogwarts. Went to a resort. I did not think about school and did not work this summer. That is what I needed!! O yeah, played some video games. Although my summer could’ve been better, wasn’t too bad…thank God.

  4. Tanks, baelnic. I’m mean thanks. 🙂

  5. Spent time with the family, watched Captain America and Transformers 3 at the movies, reviewed 13 games and completed 20.

  6. finished a big exam. moving to hawaii for 4 months to relax. (hope i passed)


  7. Lots of work, that’s for sure…

    Other than that, I’ve been reading this amazing book, The Stories of Ibis. I recommend you all try it.

    Also…lots and lots of RPGs! … 😀

  8. Had a great time in Minnesota, went to the Mall of America, by the way the microsoft store is awesome !!! also had fun in Valley Fair… so many hot girls uff !! met a few nintendo fans at the ” official” street pass day at the mall.

  9. Took a fantastic Canada road trip with my father all along Vancouver Island, then toured the Boeing factory and Museum of Flight in Washington. Rode the best, scariest waterslide I’ve ever been on, wrote, read, saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, worked, pet-sat a houseful of critters, rediscovered how much I love Root Beer, and defended the 3DS a lot.

  10. Work, nothing too much fun, though I might be planning a trip to my home country soon but most likely that will be after the summer.