What are you playing this weekend?

I’m gonna keep slow roasting the evil that beseeches Skyloft. You know, treasure hunting, item upgrading, and island unlocking before slowly making my way to the next objective in Zelda: Skyward Sword (finishing the song of the hero quest). Never before have I savored a game this much for this long.

What about you: What are you playing this weekend?


  1. I kind of wish I hadn’t beaten Skyward Sword already, but that’s what I’ve been doing with all my free time for the last week and a half. But rather then go right back to it with Hero mode, I think maybe I’ll finish the God of War games I was playing on PS3. Though, after playing Skyward Sword, I’m kind of in a Zelda mood, so maybe I’ll start Master Quest in Ocarina of Time 3D, but Skyward Sword actually makes me want to play Wind Waker and Twilight Princess the most since it’s kind of like a cross between the two.

  2. dragon age witch hunt expansion on sunday!

  3. Mariokart 7!!! I am determined to win at least one online race! 🙂

    Also, Pushmo!

  4. A whole darned lot of Muramasa The Demon Blade. I’ve had it for months, but just now been treading the land.

  5. Mario Kart 7
    Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked

  6. Hero Mode, all the way.
    Bring it on!

  7. Mario kart 7 and freaky forms getting to the karting action, and than relaxing dooing a poop quest…

  8. skyward sword, remake of halo 1, dantes inferno, a lil gears of war. I believe thats it.

  9. I’m thinking about making some games this weekend or should I say working on a game project kinda don’t care about the hero mode it’s the same ol, but with more damage, and your allowed to skip a few cut scenes, but still have to deal with the annoying obvious fi and the info you already heard (I’m sorry she is as bad as navi),.
    If you don’t douse she will annoyingly pop up, and ask do you know how to use the dowsing ability.
    If you get a map she will pop up, and tell you got one.
    The same with everything else.

    Link: I got a map
    Fi: Hey link I bet you don’t know this information you got a map, it may be obvious how to use it, but I’m going to tell anyways.
    Link: WTF the B button doesn’t speed up the text it so slow.
    Link: I feel tire I’m going to save and quit.

    Later still…

    Link: I’m back hey look the bug I needed to make that potion
    I caught the bug.

    message you caught such and such bug again for the first time since you started back
    lets look at the menu shall we ok lets add it up with the rest you have got 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
    TEN!! blessed butterfly’s yay.
    Link: would you all stfu.

    People say it isn’t as bad as the rupee message first look at twilight princess, and how many rupees does it do it on then count them up, and now look at skyward sword look at all the collectibles, and add them up skyward sword has more.

    Oh yeah it is really fun when you in the middle of an intense battle, and a bokoblin drops a skull you have 5 bokoblins attacking you at once it’s like everyone freeze he has gotten an important item, yay you got a skull now back to battling you get hit at least once or twice if you’r not ready to swing the remote the right way then freeze he has a gold skull this is really important while you still have 3 bokoblins attacking you oh yeah lets go to the screen so we can add them up 2 minutes later ok fight.
    Also the important message that pops up during battle is really fun when you are fighting 2 dark lizafols for the first time when you collect the tail, and the other is in mid swing before the message pops up cause you’r definitely going to get hit, or dark keese, and you get cursed because of the message popping up.
    Lets not forget master please confirm your location on the map then zoom in twice, and then rotate can’t I just please play, for the love of god just let me play.

    On a funny note when you get the beetle with the jaws for the bombs, and you see a beehive If you take the beehive with the beetle, and drop it on a bokoblin if you’re just the right distance away you can see the funniest thing you have seen in a while on skyward sword.

    Also if you have already got your wallet full, and you get another rupee even if you get just one rupee I wish they put a bank on here that it was sent to automatically like other treasures like a bottle in a chest (message you’r pouch is full it was sent some how magically to the item storage facility).

    How is link going to explain the storage girl to zelda.
    Zelda: wtf who is she, and why is she calling you dear, sweet heart, and honey
    Link:……….. nintendo made me do it.

  10. iv been a little bored latley (dont have skyward sored, 3d land, or mario kart 7! 🙁 so im thinkin of playing soul calibur

  11. 🙁 I’m playing Finish Your Term Paper for a Late Grade… can’t get passed page one

  12. @deepthought

    You better have another game handy. Witch Hunt only took me an hour or so to 100%.

    I also will be finishing up Dragon Age. I, however, played the DLC out of order so now I need to finish up Darkspawn Chronicles and Leliana’s Song (Finished Awakenings this morning).

    I might by two copies of Mario Kart so that my wife and I can play.

    Fortunately, my brother is home from the PeaceCorps this week and I probably won’t get any gaming done.

  13. I’m playing the “what happened to the infendo podcast” game. All these inportant Nintendo holiday releases and yet no podcast or explination from Blake for the lack of podcast. (way to treat your loyal listeners).

    Yes, the site is for sale (until Jan 5th! act now!), which I find rather amusing. Wouldn’t it be more honorable to simply gift the site to another fellow Infendo writer? you know, hand it down? Infendo isn’t IGN (or GoNintendo for that matter). Point is, just because the site is up for $$ doesn’t mean you don’t owe your readers and listeners a reason for the lack of podcast (they’ve been asking for it in the comments for weeks).

    You know, a simple “i’m too busy, sorry” would suffice.

  14. JG,

    Come off the high horse.

    Here is where Blake posted about why he couldn’t do it anymore.


    As for sale, obviously the site generates a bit of traffic and it’s “brand” is worth the asking price. Or perhaps it won’t be worth the price and on January 5th it will be pulled.

    I miss the podcast too. I wish I had mics still ’cause I’d submit a fanfendo podcast.

  15. @baelnic:
    Nothing in Blakes post mentions the cancellation of the podcast. According to him: “In the meantime, the show goes on as normal. The site will be updated as regularly scheduled.”

    I like my high horse and intend to stay on it, thank you very much!

  16. Ditto with the Skyward Sword and relishing every moment of it. Also, I just got Mario Kart 7, which I intend to play long and hard. And, to spice things up, I’ll probably throw in some Mario Kart Double Dash!!, as I missed that one when it came along and just borrowed it from a friend.

  17. i dont have enough star coins to finish special world 8 in 3d land so i am moving onto rayman origins for my platforming needs i will also be playing skyward sword and cut the rope on my android. if i have time i might also play hydrophobia prophecy

  18. @ baelnic

    perfect! i only have about an hour!

    prob get mw3 next week… really just waiting for my new pc still to play bf3. i have the game, and have started ranking up on a buddy’s pc, but now i’m just waiting….

    think the new pc expenses is going towards snowboarding though! so i’ll have to go without for a bit…. so I hope mw3 is good, because BF3 is amazing!

  19. Skyward Sword 😀

  20. Mario kart 7 STILL!!! 🙂 20 hours here i come 🙂

  21. A bit of Secret Agent Clank. 30 minutes tops. IF I finish a project I’m working on, then I’ll go with some Corpse Party action.

  22. While I wait for skyward sword (as my wife is giving it to me for Christmas) I’m playing Zack and Wiki. I picked it up on EBay for 8 bucks. It’s a pretty fun strategy, puzzle game.

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