Will you shirk work to play the new Zelda?

I’m debating it. The gaming gods certainly know I want to.

But the timing of my review copy this week couldn’t have come at a more inconvenient… um, time. Abnormally high workload. Prior family engagements late into the night. Finishing up other dealines first. The cherry on top: a threatening cold. (Sob story, I know.)

I could blow it all off. But I decided to wait until a proper start tomorrow night, then through the weekend and straight on ’till morning.

If it were any other week, I would have chose the more irresponsible, free-wheeling route and told my non-existant secretary to, “Clear my schedule. I’m playing Zelda, dagnabit!”

But alas, adulthood beckons. And it’s killing my inner child.

What about you: Will you slough work or school to coincide with the release of Zelda’s next adventure later this month?