Weekend Discussion: Third Party On Nintendo, What Can You Do?


One thing I have noticed about third party games on the Wii U/Nintendo in general is that there is a lot of negativity around the lack of support, despite the current 3rd party games, and those scheduled to release.

There is no doubt that everyone reading this post is a Nintendo fanatic.  Whether you are a hardcore fan, or a casual Nintendo fan, you are undoubtedly here because you like the company, so instead of complaining about the “lack of”, what are we/you doing about that lack of games you want to see over at Nintendo?  EA, for example, has stated that they will not support the Wii U until the sales/fans (they are buying the console and games) are there to present the need for their presence.  So, again I ask, what are we, as the fans, doing to show that support?

Many times, we voice our opinions, good or bad, in a public forum such as Infendo.  Don’t get me wrong, we love that you share your thoughts with us and want you to continue to give feedback in the comments, on our Facebook page, and in the forums, but the developers are not going to hear your pleas here.  So, what can we do to get the word out that we want more support, and more commitment for the Wii U and Nintendo?

I have an idea.

As members of the Infendo Nation, why not band together and reach out to the developers?  Email them, Call them, Send messages on Facebook, Fax them, whatever it takes to get the word out that we want to see more multi-platform games on the Wii U!  Games like Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, Madden 2014, and more could be huge sellers for the Wii U, yet the developers have decided to skip the Nintendo platform in lieu of the other two consoles.  Gamepad support cannot be an issue, Sony has seen to that, so why not?

So, to make things easier for us to contact the developers, I have compiled a list of contacts for the developers (Hit the jump to see the list).  Why not take some time this weekend, and coming week (not all are open on the weekends) to contact them and voice your concern that we want more games developed for the Wii U?  But don’t stop there!  Share this post everywhere, on Facebook, on forums, via email, etc… Heck, even share it on MySpace and in bathroom stalls!  As fans we need to stand up and show our support to Nintendo and make this become viral!

Hit the jump for a list of Developer contacts.  I am sure there are some that are left out, so feel free to add more in the comments below, and in the forums where this list will be duplicated.  Also, share your stories of what the developers tell you over the phone, in email responses, etc…  Together, we can make this happen!

Obviously, this list is not all inclusive, but it is a start!

Developer: Phone: Fax: Email:
Activision 310-255-2050
Arkane Studios 301-926-8300
Avalanche Software 801-595-1020
Bethesda 301-926-8300 [email protected]
[email protected]
BioWare 780-430-0164 780-439-6374 [email protected]
Blizzard Entertainment 800-592-5499
Bungie Studios 425-739-4900
Capcom 650-350-6500
Crytek contactcrytek.com
Disney Interactive 425-951-7100
Electronic Arts 650-628-1393
Epic Games 919-854-0070 919-854-0055
Konami 866-573-4573
Lionhead Studios
Namco Bandai 888-776-2626
Naughty Dog [email protected]
Obsidian Entertainment 949-379-3300
Rockstar Games 866-405-5464 [email protected]rockstarsupport.com
Square Enix 310-846-0400
Ubisoft 866-824-6515

7 Responses to Weekend Discussion: Third Party On Nintendo, What Can You Do?

  1. Lou says:

    At the end of the day, they’re going to do a cost/benefit analysis and the small Wii U install base is going to drive them away. It’s not a good investment for them.

    This is on Nintendo really.

  2. Stuart says:


    You want us to write letters in the hope that developers will create games for the Wii U? You need to get some rest, man. A good solid 8 hours. The only positive news here is that Nintendo may be able to make some money with zero competition from 3rd party developers.

  3. Essel Pratt says:

    Stuart, this weekend discussion is actually tailored more towards those that have a need to ridicule Nintendo for lack of third party support, which really is not lacking other than a some bigger developers such as EA (for example). Instead of voicing their complaints in an open forum, where their voice will not be heard by those that they feel are ignoring Nintendo, this list gives them an outlet to contact the developers directly and voice their opinions where it will be heard. Although the developers may not act upon the fan wishes, at least those that are voicing their negative opinions cannot say that they did not have the means to contact the correct channels.

  4. raindog469 says:

    “There is no doubt that everyone reading this post is a Nintendo fanatic”

    I *was* a Nintendo fanatic. While my little brother got a NES just before I went to college, I consider my first Nintendo console to be the Gamecube. Its deep experiences made me buy the DS and Wii on launch day. From the Ocarina bonus disc that I got from preordering Wind Waker to Mario Sunshine to unique experiences like Pikmin 2 and Chibi-Robo, they created world after world that I wanted to live in, and for 20 to 100 hours in each, I did. Twilight Princess and even third party games like Elebits kept this going on the Wii… for a little while. Sometime around then, I subscribed to the Infendo RSS feed.

    Then Nintendo started slipping. Instead of the tight controls that had evolved over 25 years, they favored pencils, magic wands and scales that kinda-sorta registered your movement. They bravely tried to simulate analog controls with a touch screen, and failed (though the makers of tablet games have sadly not learned the same lesson yet). They put out a lot of games that were really fun the first couple years, while we still had elementary school kids in our extended family to play them with on holidays, but when it was just the two of us they were Atari-level shallow. They tried to make the motion control more usable by adding a $20 dongle, resulting in what could have been an epic hundred-hour Zelda game that, for us, just wasn’t fun because of the constant need to recalibrate and overly picky gesture recognition. They very nearly didn’t release Xenoblade, which turned out to be the greatest Wii game, at all in my country.

    Oh yeah, and when our Wii died out of warranty and we replaced it, our $200 worth of downloaded games were gone. On every other digital platform we ever used, moving games to a new device just entailed logging into some store and downloading them again at no charge. In the years since, I’ve been informed by defensive fanboys that “everybody knows” all you have to do is send both Wiis back to Nintendo on your own dime and wait a few months to get the new Wii back with your games intact. Well, as grown-ups who don’t have time to prowl Neogaf or whatever to get the information Nintendo should be telling us before we spend a dime, apparently we’re not “everybody”. And of course, the broken Wii is long gone. So, Nintendo will never get our money for “points” or “eShop” purchases again until they fix that policy.

    I never bought a DSi, still haven’t bought a 3DS or Wii U. When they (or a third party) release something epic, something with tight controls and a wide-open world to explore, something with bright colors and no blood spatter, something you can play as linear as you want or not, I won’t be able to resist the Wii U. The Wind Waker remake might even be that game, since I never quite finished it on the Gamecube. But I won’t buy it for its potential, any more than I bought a PS3 when it had no games I wanted.

    Until them, what am I going to do? Beg Activision for another brown and grey military shooter? Beg Ubisoft for another multiplayer waggle fest with screaming bunnies? Beg EA for a sports game I couldn’t care less about, which is, let’s see… any of them?

    Not likely.

    Apart from Xenoblade, we’ve been playing the 360 exclusively for over a year — currently, my favorite game of all time is Fez, which nudged out Ocarina of Time, glitches and all — and our next console purchase will be a PS3. I hear Nintendo is doing right by indies on the Wii U, but thus far, there’s nothing I want to play there that I can’t play on something else. I passed up the 3DS for a tablet, and it was 100% the right purchase, allowing me to carry a whole library of books on a flight and read them comfortably on its 7″ screen. What have I missed out on? A multiplayer-focused 2D Mario on the Wii U, a 3D Mario whose level design is a throwback to the bad old days of timed arcade games on the 3DS. And lots of minigames.

    Like I said, I *was* a Nintendo fanatic. I could be one again, if Nintendo tries harder to create the deep, non-linear experiences I loved best on their least successful TV console.

    In the mean time, I’m still subscribed to the Infendo RSS feed, and that’s how I saw this article today, the remark I quoted above pulling me in. My girl couldn’t care less what system she’s using; she’ll just keep on playing Torchlight on the 360 until something more interesting comes along.

  5. DarklitJupiter says:

    While I appreciate the sentiment of this article as both a nintendo fan and a Wii U owner, I’d like to point out the futility of asking for some of these games to EVER make a Wii U appearance, specifically in regard to the Square Enix titles. Both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15 are being developed using DirectX 11, which the Wii U does NOT SUPPORT. Porting the games over to Wii U would require such a tremendous amount of time and effort that is not economically feasible. The same goes for any other games that run on DirectX… They’re not going to be ported over so don’t waste your time repeatedly pestering developers about them. Instead, I’d suggest requesting that future games be built for the Wii U utilizing it’s unique features. It’s at least something that could end with positive results… And to the author of this article, please do some research about the issues in the future, please.

  6. Essel Pratt says:

    @DarklitJupiter, Of course, not all developers do not utilize the same programs to develop games, however this post is not to point out specific games (KH3 and FFXV were just examples of some games I would like to see, obviously they are not currently compatible with the Wii U-or we can assume they aren’t since they are not complete. This article merely gives fans a means of contacting the developers to express their voices. If those that want to see change do not speak out, the developers might not make a move.

    From a developer standpoint, it is fairly easy to port a Direct X to OpenGL, but you are right…will they gather the resources to do it? With enough fan support, maybe.

    Just a sidenote, KHIII makes more sense on the Wii U than the Xbox One, IMO. The games have never made an appearance on the Xbox, so why put the last game in the saga there?

  7. raindog469 says:

    @DarklitJupiter, I find it extraordinarily hard to believe that Sony would license DirectX from their main competitor for their SDK. If you mean “hardware capable of supporting DirectX 11”, say so.

    And if Sony actually has hamstrung themselves by relying upon their competitor’s proprietary API, I’d love to see a statement to that effect from Sony, as opposed to speculation on fan forums. I do see this post from earlier this month claiming DX11.2 will be an Xbox One/Windows 8.1 exclusive: http://www.extremetech.com/gaming/160076-directx-11-2-will-be-a-windows-8-1-and-xbox-one-exclusive-microsoft-dangles-the-upgrade-carrot

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