Weekend Discussion: Third Party On Nintendo, What Can You Do?


One thing I have noticed about third party games on the Wii U/Nintendo in general is that there is a lot of negativity around the lack of support, despite the current 3rd party games, and those scheduled to release.

There is no doubt that everyone reading this post is a Nintendo fanatic.  Whether you are a hardcore fan, or a casual Nintendo fan, you are undoubtedly here because you like the company, so instead of complaining about the “lack of”, what are we/you doing about that lack of games you want to see over at Nintendo?  EA, for example, has stated that they will not support the Wii U until the sales/fans (they are buying the console and games) are there to present the need for their presence.  So, again I ask, what are we, as the fans, doing to show that support?

Many times, we voice our opinions, good or bad, in a public forum such as Infendo.  Don’t get me wrong, we love that you share your thoughts with us and want you to continue to give feedback in the comments, on our Facebook page, and in the forums, but the developers are not going to hear your pleas here.  So, what can we do to get the word out that we want more support, and more commitment for the Wii U and Nintendo?

I have an idea.

As members of the Infendo Nation, why not band together and reach out to the developers?  Email them, Call them, Send messages on Facebook, Fax them, whatever it takes to get the word out that we want to see more multi-platform games on the Wii U!  Games like Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, Madden 2014, and more could be huge sellers for the Wii U, yet the developers have decided to skip the Nintendo platform in lieu of the other two consoles.  Gamepad support cannot be an issue, Sony has seen to that, so why not?

So, to make things easier for us to contact the developers, I have compiled a list of contacts for the developers (Hit the jump to see the list).  Why not take some time this weekend, and coming week (not all are open on the weekends) to contact them and voice your concern that we want more games developed for the Wii U?  But don’t stop there!  Share this post everywhere, on Facebook, on forums, via email, etc… Heck, even share it on MySpace and in bathroom stalls!  As fans we need to stand up and show our support to Nintendo and make this become viral!

Hit the jump for a list of Developer contacts.  I am sure there are some that are left out, so feel free to add more in the comments below, and in the forums where this list will be duplicated.  Also, share your stories of what the developers tell you over the phone, in email responses, etc…  Together, we can make this happen!

Obviously, this list is not all inclusive, but it is a start!

Arkane Studios301-926-8300
Avalanche Software801-595-1020
Blizzard Entertainment800-592-5499
Bungie Studios425-739-4900
Disney Interactive425-951-7100
Electronic Arts650-628-1393
Epic Games919-854-0070919-854-0055
Lionhead Studios
Namco Bandai888-776-2626
Naughty Dogndi-dog@naughtydog.com
Obsidian Entertainment949-379-3300
Rockstar Games866-405-5464usa@rockstarsupport.com
Square Enix310-846-0400
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