Project X Zone Arriving June 25

Project X Zone

Namco Bandai has recently revealed that their crossover game with Sega and Capcom, Project X Zone, is slated for release on June 25 in the US.  The title was originally announced for the 3DS in Japan and was released there in October last year, but Namco Bandai also committed to localizing the game for the US  and Europe.

Project X Zone combines over 200 characters from those 3 universes into a strategy RPG title.  Using the “Cross Active Battle System”, these characters battle each other using crossover combos.  The Circle Pad, in combination with the A button, allows for up to 5 basic combos to be executed.  Units are made up of pairs of characters, and they are able to move freely across the map while encountering treasure chests, destructible objects, and other units to fight against.

This seems like an interesting concept, and I am curious to see what it feels like to play.  What are your thoughts?

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