Super Mario Brothers begins eShop’s NES lineup


Metal Gear’s free demo download wasn’t the only reason to check out eShop this week: Super Mario Brothers became the first of the ambassador NES games to become available for purchase to all North American 3DS owners who bought their systems after the hardware price drop. It’s priced at $4.99.

Super Mario Brothers has been updated to include Restore Points, and will now dazzle your eyes with a wonderful rotating NES console as the new 3D screen menu icon for the game. These updates are also available to ambassadors via a free downloadable upgrade.

Most of us figured Nintendo had to make the Ambassador NES and GBA games available to all 3DS owners at some point. I’m hoping the rest of the titles get released at a steady clip!


  1. Freaking 4.99 though…that ends up being MORE than what the Wii version costs through tax and what not. There are great games, some with more to them that are cheaper than this. I mean, I really can’t complain because A)I’m an Ambassador and B)Nintendo doesn’t HAVE to release ANYTHING, but at the same time, could we make it 3.99?

  2. Well, that’s cool for non-ambassadors, I guess.

    I was kind of hoping that it would be a 3D classic, though.

  3. Let’s hope they’re saving the 3D classic status for Super Mario Brothers III!

  4. $4.99 is too much for a game I’ve already paid for multiple times. I’m glad I got this version for free.

    And I am very happy about the addition of restore save points. (But the truth is most emulators already handle this business better.)

  5. Also glad I got this for free. You can only buy this game so many times.

  6. $2 max for NES titles. Nintendo still doesn’t get it. Apple is laughing deep belly laughs as it repossesses Mr. Iwata’s money printer.

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