Mighty Switch Force coming from Wayforward

It’s no secret that Infendo loves Wayforward Technologies and the unique titles they bring to the table. From Contra to Shantae, Wayforward has delivered the goods. In an interview with Nintendo Power Matt Bozon reveals what the studio will be releasing next.

Nintendo Power: What about Mighty Switch Force makes it something you can experience on the Nintendo 3DS system?

Matt Bozon: In Mighty Switch Force, we’ve crafted a unique puzzle mechanic that gets players not only watching in stereo, but actually exploring solutions in the third dimension.  It’s the kind of platformer we knew was possible, but hadn’t seen until now.  And as fans of our previous titles can confess, some of our thematics elements”“T-rexes with eye lasers, wall-eyed fishmen, jet-pack cats, belly dance transformations, popcorn explosions, vocaloid J-Pop ballads, hottie pirates, and whipping puppies with your hair”“would only confound retailers.

Nintendo Power: Can you give a couple of examples of how puzzles work?

Matt Bozon: Sure.  In a simple puzzle, you might need to cross a pit that’s too wide to jump past.  By using your Switch power, you can pull distant blocks closer to the screen in 3D and use them as stepping stones.  However, any blocks on the playfield will retreat into the background. That’s all pretty basic stuff.  Where it gets complicated is when you have to think several steps ahead.  Will the blocks underneath your feet pull away?  Will the blocks in the background zoom up and smash you?  What will happen if you pull blocks out from under an enemy?  Puzzles are built around these kinds of mysteries, and the interesting and unexpected outcomes.

Sound compelling! Like I have said all along, leave it to the most creative developers to show gamers what the whole third dimension is all about. No word on release or price, but Mighty Switch Force will be released on the eShop sometime in the near future!

Suddenly 3DS’s all over the planet have a ton of content to look forward to.

Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.