Rumor: Game Boy Advance titles to finally make their way to 3DS eShop?

GBA title box art

Ever since the 3DS Game Boy Virtual Console service was first unveiled, owners of Nintendo’s latest handheld have been clamoring at the thought of Game Boy Advance titles being available for purchase. For now, early adopters of the 3DS Ambassador program have only had the opportunity to download classic GBA titles on their handheld. However, according to a leaked image, that may possibly change.

According to a recent post on NeoGAF, an image from Nintendo of Europe’s press server shows the box art of several GBA titles (Super Mario Ball, Mario Golf: Advance Tour, and Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga). Now, like any rumor of this type, it’s possible that Nintendo of Europe may have accidentally posted these photos in place of another. So, this all could be a huge misunderstanding in the midst of the NoE’s Nintendo Direct presentation this coming Thursday.

If the GBA Virtual Console service does finally make its way to the 3DS, what titles would you like to see first?



9 Responses to Rumor: Game Boy Advance titles to finally make their way to 3DS eShop?

  1. kaiser Soze says:

    Mario & Luigi
    Metroid: Zero Mission

  2. Greg in PA says:

    so many good titles were handed out to the ambassadors which i was one of however zero mission and aria of sorrow would both be welcome additions to my 3ds home screen

  3. BetaDevil says:

    Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen 😛 and the functionality to import your Pokemon to B&W2

  4. The Adza says:

    Any and all jrpg’s

  5. David says:

    First add AD-hoc/wifi multiplayer,
    then megaman bn 1-6

  6. BornFluny says:

    Golden Sun and GS: Lost Age, hands down. I don’t even plan on getting this thing (in the near future at least), but I want other people to experience the awesomeness of Camelot games that aren’t Mario Sports.

    That, and they’re still the two best RPGs I’ve ever played.

  7. frstOne says:

    I’d pay for:

    Mario & Luigi
    Zelda Minish Cap
    Advance Wars

  8. lord me says:

    until nintendo releases full catelog on 3ds and wiiu and sells games for $1 each a $100 android gaming tablet from china ( and 10,000 roms is the only way to go.

    nitendo needs to release new handheld.

    think GameBoyU

    better than a wiiu tablet.
    3G/4G connectivity
    full back catelouge $1 per game
    real internet gaming
    hdmi out
    DS slot.
    microSD slot
    4 triggers, all the buttons etc.

    capable of playing gamecube games with ease (with custom chips a tricore ARM+PPC is not unrealistic.

    basicly think a wiiu controller but a cellphone – a tad smaller maybe 5.4″

    doesnt need to be better than a vita, 1280×720 is sufficient for flawless emulation of 2ds titles

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