Nintendo of Europe

Nintendo of Europe announces Mario Kart 8 bundle

  Nintendo of Europe announced a limited edition Mario Kart 8 software bundle for release this spring. The bundle includes a spiky blue shell collectible and a copy of Mario Kart 8. Europeans can buy the set when the game releases on May 30. No word yet on a U.S release, but don’t be too surprised when Nintendo spills the beans.   Source: Nintendo via Joystiq

Rumor: Game Boy Advance titles to finally make their way to 3DS eShop?

Ever since the 3DS Game Boy Virtual Console service was first unveiled, owners of Nintendo’s latest handheld have been clamoring at the thought of Game Boy Advance titles being available for purchase. For now, early adopters of the 3DS Ambassador program have only had the opportunity to download classic GBA titles on their handheld. However, according to a leaked image, that may possibly cha...