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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Meets Kickstarter Target

  Shantae: Half-Genie Hero met its Kickstarter funding goal. The title crossed the $400,000 mark and now makes its way to every major console platform, including Wii U.  Do you want to show your support? Don’t worry; it isn’t too

Wayforward putting all their chips with eShop going forward

At a time when many development studios are in danger of closing there doors, or in the case of Visceral Games and Bizarre Creations,they already have, it becomes apparent that the business of video games can be rough at times.

This Aliens: Infestation gameplay trailer brings on the alien massacre

When it comes to new DS games, there is none I want to play more than Wayforward’s excellent looking Aliens: Infestaion. October 11th can’t seem to come soon enough. Don’t worry DSi XL, I will have a new game for

By popular demand, an exciting trailer for Aliens: Infestation

This new trailer for Aliens: Infestation brings the hotness and looks to do the exciting new title justice. Wayforward has seen much success with their previous 2D platformers on Nintendo handhelds, and it looks as if Aliens: Infestation is geared

Screenshots of Mighty Switch Force hit the web, continues to impress

WayForward Technologies has revealed its newest project to be Mighty Switch Force, a action heavy sidescroller to be released on the eShop. The Facebook page for Mighty Switch Force was just updated with screenshots from the game, and by my calculation, it’s