Wayforward putting all their chips with eShop going forward

At a time when many development studios are in danger of closing there doors, or in the case of Visceral Games and Bizarre Creations,they already have, it becomes apparent that the business of video games can be rough at times. It’s not all doom and gloom, there are actually a lot of dev houses that are making quite a bit of money such as Infinity Ward, Blizzard, and yes, even Nintendo. But those are heavy weights in the game industry. Is there any room for the little guy? Well just ask Wayforward and they will tell you they are doing just fine.

CEO John Beck recently interviewed with Gamasutra about their business practices, and as it turns out the company has been able to stay afloat mainly on the back of Nintendo platforms. When asked about their future business strategy, Beck said, “The eShop will be a major part of our strategy for handheld games going forward.”

“So, from my perspective, and there are others at WayForward who might see this differently, it’s all about digital distribution and not having to sell your concept to a publisher.”

“When you consider that DSiWare basically meant we could make a DS game and didn’t have to find a retail publisher, you start to see why it was an obvious move for WayForward. When you have certain content that is available exclusively on dedicated gaming devices, it really helps to set that content apart.”

It’s no surprise that Wayforward had been doing well for itself, some of the best games available any of Nintendo’s digital platforms come from the studio. I think it is rather interesting that the dev house has essentially succeeded where many others have failed on Nintendo platforms, but that just goes to show you gamers will flock to great games. One thing is for certain, if Wayforward is banking on eShop, that can only mean good things for 3DS and possibly Wii U. Can’t wait.

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