Virtual Console Monday – Castlevania II, Samurai-Ghost, and Magician Lord

castlevaniaiiboxart.jpgThe Virtual Console gets spooky just in time for Halloween with this eerie trio of titles:

Castlevania II Simon’s Quest – NES – 500 Wii Points
In this one-player adventure, you’ll take on the role of Simon Belmont once again and duel to the death with Count Dracula. Grab your legendary whip, Vampire Killer, and roam freely through Transylvania on a quest to find the count’s missing body parts-these are the key to breaking an evil curse.

SAMURAI-GHOST – TG16 – 600 Wii Points
This action platformer features a samurai ghost from the depths of the underworld. In a past war, Kagekiyo managed to defeat the shogun Yoritomo and his clan. However, their evil spirits were not completely destroyed, and now, in the world known as Dark Side, they seek the time of their rebirth.

Released in 1990 and regarded as one of the NEOGEO’s earliest signature games, this side-scrolling platformer mixes action with the mystical world of fantasy.

Any other spooky games you’re looking forward to playing this Halloween?