Euro Portable Round Up

Cubed has a nice read on the state of handhelds across the pond. They compare the buzz between the DS, PSP, and Micro.

[Source: Cubed]


  1. How do you figure that “If both systems arrived in March DS wouldn’t have stood a chance” or “The DS on its own would realistically stand no chance”. Man people are so short sited, jumping on temporary hype and sales as if they mean something. First of all the DS came out at pretty much the same time in Japan as the PSP. Second of all the PSP had a good release in all areas and continues to decline in all areas as well (while the DS continues to grow)… Third, the PSP also sold more than the DS in Japan for a few months. This market or even the American market is no different… It is just a matter of time, the tied started turning with the Nintendogs and later releases in Japan – This is already happening in USA (with the same effect). Also, the GBA has again taken its place at #1 in the USA, I recon the same will happen in Japan with the micro release and eventually DS and Micro will pretty much split the market. The only difference real between the markets is time; of course the PSP will sell good when its first released, the question is does the market support that price point outside hardcore gamers and the answer is NO; not in Japan, not in USA and definitely not in Europe.

  2. I don’t think you can judge the success of a console after a couple of months (weeks in the case of the PSP).
    The DS is successful and the PSP is too…atm….we’ll see….no system sellers are out yet…..

  3. That first poster guy-do you even live in europe?? Europe is a WAAAAY different market to japan and america, where casual gamers run rampant, and anything with the name sony make you uber cool to own one. The psp’s launch line-up greatly suited europe more then the DS’s did and therefore is a reasonable assumption. Going off launch tites alone.

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