Virtual Console Monday – Bases Loaded & Yoshi’s Cookie


This week we get two classic NES titles available for purchase on the Wii Shop Channel:

Bases Loaded – NES – 1988 – 500 Wii Points
Bases Loaded is a baseball game with an arcade feel and plenty of options from which players can choose. Select one of 12 teams, set your lineup from the 30 players available (each with different strengths), then play a single game or try to win the pennant. [Published by Jaleco | Developed by Tose]

Yoshi’s Cookie – NES – 1993 – 500 Wii Points
Take one part puzzle game, combine with intuitive game play, add a pinch of multiplayer action and top with a layer of everyone’s favorite dinosaur. Mix together and let set for roughly 100 stages’ worth of time. If that sounds like a winning recipe to you, then step into the kitchen and get ready for a batch of fast-paced puzzle action. [Published by Nintendo | Developed by Bullet-Proof Software]

Virtual Console Monday bonus: The creepy commercial for Yoshi’s Cookie!