Top 20 things you learned from the NES

NESWith all of this Wii talk recently, we often forget that there are other Nintendo systems out there today that need a little love once in a while. No, sorry InvisibleMan, I’m not talking about the Nintendo DS and its plethora of Pokemon platitudes, I’m talking about the original NES!

Luckily, Fusion Ring has a list of the 20 things they learned from the NES up today. Here’s a quick sample before you jump on over there check them all out.

No one jumps around the NES!

Franticly waving the NES controller is the original Wii.

No matter what you do for her, the princess will always get back into trouble.

I can’t remember how many times I lost my progress in a great game (of whatever) because my younger sisters were jumping around my parents’ bedroom a tad bit too close to the ol’ NES. Damn those faulty connectors, damn them I say!

Tell me though, what did you learn from the NES?