Video game consoles numbered among “extinct gadgets” in 10 years

In addition to stand alone GPS, recordable optical discs, e-readers, low-end digital cameras, and DVD players, Yahoo Shopping predicts video game consoles will also be extinct by 2020.

Popular video game systems such as the Wii, PlayStation and Xbox may still be in homes next decade, but they will look much different. Rather than buy a separate console, Enderle expects that consumers will instead buy smart televisions with a gaming system built into it, not to mention tablets and smartphones that will continue to ramp up their gaming options.

“It looks like analog game systems won’t make it until the end of the decade,” Enderle says. “You are already seeing the Wii have a tough time holding on to the market and PlayStation has been struggling for a while.” The gaming systems that will succeed in the future will be those that manage to move away from being focused solely on video games and more on other entertainment options such as movies, evolving from a traditional game console into more of a set-top box.

Thanks, Ben.

31 Responses to Video game consoles numbered among “extinct gadgets” in 10 years

  1. Ross says:

    i doubt it. I didnt even bother reading the majority of what you posted, because im ignorant and ignorance is bliss. However i do this because recently there was a study done in Australia that showed there was a major spike in console gaming in the future. What i think needs to occur and probably will occur is that the prsopective portable gaming market will expand into similar things like the iphone and ipad etc and consoles will very much remain central.
    this is purely opinion but i disagree entirely. Console gaming is just competitive with appropriate peaks and troughs. Innevitably always forming better options for the consumer. But who am i to say? I cannot see 10 years into the future 😛

  2. XCWarrior says:

    Of course you guys would pick up this story. From yahoo, a trusted video game source.

    Come on guys, for real?

    Better cancel that Infendo System.

  3. Ben says:

    OK, now I totally regret sending in the tip about this article. Personally, I think this is crazy, too. But the one point that stuck out is that “smartphones” seem to be taking over our lives. Believe me, I’m seeing it for myself. I highly doubt that will extend its reach into consoles, but you never know.

    If Nintendo were smart, they would listen to what we have to say in the previous post about what you would do if you had 24 hours to call the shots at Nintendo. Create what the loyal fans want and not wait.

  4. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    -10 min 3d video clip recording
    -Mario Kart has loads of *new* details. 60fps, 8 player online, communities, it’s own channel..
    -Hulu Plus coming to 3ds
    -Kid Icarus 3d classic/eShop

    So much news, so little articles! Wake up Blake! There’s news to be told! (also, I miss infendo radio)

  5. Richard says:

    Before anyone gets all upset, take a calm look at that article’s main statement: “Popular video game systems such as the Wii, PlayStation and Xbox may still be in homes next decade, but they will look much different.”

    Seriously, who can argue with that? Consider all the changes that have hit the entertainment and communication markets since 2001, and figure the technological changes will most likely accelerate with each new development.

    Smart TVs with game systems built in? Maybe. Maybe it’ll be a new format we know nothing about yet. Game systems as all-in-one entertainment devices? Wii aspired to that, and 3DS is taking it further. One thing is certain: things will change, and probably in ways we can’t even imagine right now. The next revolutionary step could be just around the corner.

    Nintendo’s content and IPs are they’re biggest advantage over the competitors. How that content is delivered is secondary and always evolving. Personally, I’m counting on Nintendo to be the company that perfects the Holodeck.

  6. Brian says:

    This doesn’t mean that I will sell my soul Apple and whatever product they have out in the future. Gaming experts seem to think that they will be the only company left in the future.

  7. Grimreaper says:

    Goes to show how stupid articles are I don’t even have a cellphone I only have one console the wii and I have one laptop not for gaming for TV and I can’t pick up any tv stations out here and cable nor satellite exist where I live and TV with built in consoles vcr dvd players etc break way easier than normal tv’s with something plugged into them.
    I prefer a console over any other type of gaming device any day of the week.

  8. NimH37 says:

    The push to “lease” gaming properties (such as downloadable titles that die with your device’s built-in-obsolescence) is major right now. Why aren’t you nerds realizing that the push against analog gaming devices (cartridges and consoles) that you actually, tangibly own is a strike against you? Once we no longer have the option of owning the properties (cartridges and disk software) and are forced to download everything into a all-in-one device that’s built to die in five years, we’re all gonna be screwed out of our beloved (functioning) game and console collections.
    I dunno about anyone else, but I still love to play my SNES, GBA SP and N64. I have downloaded VC titles on my Wii and 3DS, but for the most part, I love to play the games on the console for which they were built. Kirby Tilt ‘N Tumble won’t be ressurrected outside of the OG Game Boy Advance. Some things will just be lost on time, and they more that people just go with the dang trend, the more we’ll lose in the name of “hardcore SteveJobs-style capitalism.”
    For those you you who disagree and are perfectly happy to download everything to a VC-enabled, all-in-one device, sell me your old software and working consoles. Call me @: 555- IMARETARD.

  9. EdEN says:

    My iPhone 4 is great for browsing the web and playing the odd game for 5-10 minutes every 3 days or so. My DSi and PSP are GREAT at playing games and I only used the DSi browser until I got my iPhone.

    Buying a TV with a console inside? So in 10 years there will only be one console or will MS partner with Samsung and Sony make the PS5 exclusive to Bravia TV sets? This. Is. Crazy. Talk.

  10. Richard says:


    There’s a difference between being totally in favor of something and acknowledging that it’s happening. Some folks still refuse to listen to music on anything but vinyl, and that’s fine.

  11. NimH37 says:


    Yeah, and some folks, although they understand and acknowledge foolish shifts in the gaming community, choose to do what seems good (because of friggin trends and hype) and I suffer with the changes. My point is that the shift is not in favor of the consumer/collector/nerd-fanboy.
    As a matter of fact, I, myself collect vinyl music, but also have 35.8 days worth of quality, selected tracks on my iTunes library. I’m not “stuck in the past.” I value the fact that I literally own the music pressed into the grooves of the record. All I need is a means to project the sound of the millions of barbs in the grooves to hear the sound. Similarly, I value the actual property I hold in my hand when I hold a cartridge or software disc. It’s mine. I own it. All I need is a hardy, functioning device on which to play it. I don’t exclusively subscribe to a service that provides me the game until that particular device dies or has its hard drive fried. That’s like saying you have 20,000 movies in your library because you subscribe to streaming Netfix. You don’t own the actual property (software discs.) Beware, oh Fanboy. This trend will backfire on you.

  12. Richard says:


    First, collecting LPs is awesome. Look, I also like owning physicsl copies of my games, and don’t relish the thought of everything I buy existing in a “Cloud”. And I think Facebook snd Twitter are creepily Borg-like. But change happens and companies follow the money trail. How we adapt to change and choose how to use technology is an individual matter, and often it doesn’t go the way we’d ideally like. We still gotta acknowledge the change, if for nothing else than to help people make informed decisions when voting with their wallet.

    Of all the game companies, I believe Nintendo stands the best chance of adapting to a changing market with their identity intact.

  13. NimH37 says:

    But I still call it a conspiracy against the Free-Gaming Peoples of Middle Earth.

  14. Mr. Paper says:

    They just announced a message system for the 3DS this morning. Works with friends and over spot pass.

  15. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    Ya Mr. Paper! I saw that this morning on (David’s site is pretty cool too though.). I’m excited about a lot of the new features and such. 🙂

    I wish Infendo wasn’t so dead, I like the community here better. It just isn’t quite up to snuff on the news/positive attitude. lol

  16. Neil N says:

    that and a good many of the members post negative articles frequently

  17. CZsWorld says:

    I’d believe it, I can see a world where Nintendo and Sony merely produce “compatible controllers” to work with Smart TVs.

    Not a bad thing in my mind, maybe we won’t have to buy 3 consoles to play all of the games we want.

  18. shayminfreak says:

    This is starting to get ridiculous. It’s called a video game console for a reason – it’s an electronic device that should exist for the sole purpose of playing video games. Why do I need a web browser on my Wii? I use my laptop for that – and it’s a lot more functional, too. Someone needs to wake up and realize that we don’t need all this junk on our consoles (and now, handhelds) because they are not supposed to be multifunctional entertainment devices. If I want to call people, I use a cell phone. If I want to check my e-mail, I use a computer. If I want to watch a movie, I go to the store and rent a dvd, which I play on my single-function DVD player. Surprisingly enough, such devices still survive in the market. So, in 20 years, when everyone inevitably has 50 different devices that do the exact same thing, and video game consoles have evolved into iPhones, I’m gonna dig out my Super Nintendo and play quality games on a video game system that understands what it means to be a video game system, and undoubtedly holds a very special place in my heart, along with the Game Boy. The day that Nintendo falls into the trap that is consumerism will be a very sad day indeed.

  19. Nin3DS says:

    I really doubt it. They’ve been saying this kind of stuff for years now (heck, they probably said the same thing when the video game industry crashed in the Atari era). It’s not been true up to now, and it isn’t true now either.

    In fact, what I also find interesting is how everyone talks about the Wii’s struggle as if it was caused by the industry failing and not a lack of good games in the last year to year and a half. No one ever seems to accept maybe the games are the problem, not the market.

  20. Richard says:


    DVD players and laptops (as we know them) will also be gone in ten years. People won’t own 50 devices that all do the same thing; it’ll be more like 3 devices–phone, business, home entertainment–that all communicate with each other and overlap certain functions. And it’ll be done because it’ll be less expensive, use fewer materials, and take up less space. Look at it this way: Fewer home fires caused by “octopus plug” syndrome! 🙂 And I see Nintendo still making awesome games in this environment.

  21. shayminfreak says:


    You’re probably right. I suppose I’m just disappointed in Nintendo right now for failing to follow through with the 3DS, and now advertising its capability to stream TV for “less than 8 dollars a month” to make up for it. You’ve got to admit, though, that when you go out and buy, say, a 3DS, you don’t say to yourself, “Oh, gee, does this stream Netflix on the go? Will it also function as a more expensive Game Boy? Will I be able to exchange Miis with people via Streetpass?” No. You say, “What games will I be able to buy? What games will set this system apart from the competition?” Because the primary reason (at least, the way I see it) that people buy video game systems in the first place is to play great games! At any rate, it was interesting to hear your take on this, and I’ve gotta say, because I think in the way I do, I’ve got “double octopus syndrome”. 🙂

  22. Soma says:

    Infendo, trolling again?

    It can not be!

  23. Richard says:


    I absolutely agree with you about the all-importance of games on Nintendo’s systems, and that multi-functionality does not make up for the current lack of great game software. Netflix support did play a tiny role in persuading me to buy a 3DS, but I bought the thing for Nintendo games, and I won’t fully consider it fully worthy until I’m playing Mariokart 7 on it! The non-game stuff is nice, but absolutely nonessential…wait, now I think I’m backing up *your* argument!

  24. Skotski says:

    Off-topic: Why wasn’t there any news listed here of that 3DS extra info we got recently?
    You’d think a bunch of new screens, videos, info, and an eShop update would’ve been worth noting.

    …like the 3D video recording coming in November… as well as Hulu.. Dreamworks shorts available for purchase on eShop now… stuff like that.

  25. Skotski says:

    *notices new entries on site*
    THERE we go! 🙂

  26. shayminfreak says:


    Ha, you’ve gotta admit it is a pretty sound argument! I can’t relate to Netflix support, seeing as I don’t have a subscription, but I can relate on Mario Kart 7. Sooner than that, however, is Super Mario 3D Land, which will hopefully justify my shelling out $250 for the system (10 NES games I’ve played before isn’t enough for me!) Also, like everybody else, I’m pretty hyped for Super Smash Bros. 3D, which will likely keep me occupied for a while. Until then, it’s Kirby’s Return to Dreamland and Skyward Sword for me!

  27. InvisibleMan says:

    It makes perfect sense… Where the technology is going, I expect all services that require a video interface to be streamed through said interface! (Namely your TV, or whatever the device will be called in nine years…)

    The most interesting thing about that prospect is that competition in the gaming industry will be solely based on software when those devices come along! I fully expect that we will have an “Xbox” or “Microsoft” channel, a “Sony” channel, a “Nintendo” channel, a “Sega” channel, an “Electronic Arts” channel, “Ubisoft” channel, etc., etc….

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