Unconfirmed: Play.com lists Pilot Wings Wii with March release date

Like the monster in Loch Ness, or some wily Will-o-Wisp dancing in the periphery of our vision, a Pilot Wings Wii title has faded in and out of the public discourse basically since the Wii first hit store shelves in November 2006.

Today, it’s dancing again. A little more solid this time, but still passing through walls like a specter, unconfirmed and ethereal as ever.

Will we be jetting about an airport on motion-controlled rocket packs sometime in 2009? Will be be gliding through rings magically suspended high above the deck by Christmas? These are the things I need to know, and Play.com is teasing me like nobody’s business with a placeholder for Pilot Wings Wii. If the date is to be believed, we could be flying high by March. [Thanks, Richard!]

Update: Can anyone tell me if the Game.com listing is relatively new? I’m aware that there’s been placeholders at GameStop, et al, in the past, but they aren’t there anymore.