NGamer: No Wii Friend Codes. Bwa- Whaa?

I really don’t care what the eventual Wii Friend Code outcome is, but seriously this friend code debate (or is that fiend code to some?) is getting me downright dizzy. At first each console had one code, then each game had their own code a la the DS, and then today GoNintendo digs up yet another magazine scan that shows NGamer dropping a new bomb on the pile.

This whole “controversy” seems to hinge on this “Falafelkid” character, who has since claimed he has inside knowledge on this new matter and has “debunked” the magazine scan. In just this case, I’m going to side with a magazine over an anonymous Internet handle who has access to a magic telephone. Just this once.

I guess we’ll just have to wait until the U.S./U.K. launch of Pokemon so we can confirm what’s really going on and therefore move onto the next rumor, like whether or not the Wii’s unicorn breeding powers are really all they’re cracked up to be.